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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Timothy tipped another lopsided grin in her direction and strode away down the corridor's faded carpet runner, hands in his pockets and whistling jauntily.

- You can tell he just thinks he is hot stuff in this moment. I'm picturing him kind of strutting a little, thinking, "Awww yiss, she's totes into me."

Well, until about a year ago, I was attracted to a Death Eater who ended up having his memories of me wiped right after he kissed me for the first and last time.

Well this really puts things in perspective. Giggling but the way that sounds - it's like she ran Severus off to the point where he dumped out his memories just to get rid of her. Also possibly alluding that she is the world's worst kisser.

I choked when he asked her if she wanted kids. Please tell me this line was not inspired by true events.

Oh my god that was the most awkward fictional experience I have ever witnessed. When he sort of leaned in for a kiss and Beth all but fell down to avoid him - I cannot tell which emotion is more dominant in me right now, amusement or embarrassment on Beth's behalf. Poor Beth! And then literally just bolting away. Coming right off our conversation of feeling like a mouse in a very tight trap, I am just sitting here thinking about Beth's act of literal evasion versus, ahem, verbal evasion, and I cannot stop laughing. (hug) I am sure this statement makes little sense to other readers who happen upon it.

I know she said that she couldn't have seen Severus, but is it wrong to hope that maybe he WAS there and he was following her around being a lurker because he was curious about this mysterious person who wore the bracelet he bought? I can't help but hope. Even though you are known to crush my hopes on a regular basis, fic-wise. (Still holding out for AU! Denial all the way!)

Sirius could always make her laugh, he always knew how to make her day brighter. - Maybe this is because I've been hunting for it in every update, waiting for it to happen, but this feels ominous.


Okay. So. I have been waiting and waiting for Sirius to get his due. I have been anticipating this punch in the face. And now that it's happened, I feel SO HORRIBLY FOR HIM. Holding his arm out in a wordless entreaty of forgiveness, and then Beth saying she didn't ever want to see him again - I visualized Sirius's heart breaking into a million tiny pieces. His friends are his everything. To have one of them loathe them this much would be the absolute worst kind of pain for him. Poor wee Sirius. :'( ♥ I wonder if he'll be mopey from here on out or if he'll turn angry, or if he'll keep pleading for forgiveness. The part where she told him not to call her Bethy was just as painful as a slap to the face. D: (Which I know he totally deserved. Look at me jumping sides here like a boss.)

Beth has just had a very bad day. She has had a bad year. BETH JUST DOES NOT HAVE A GOOD LIFE RIGHT NOW. I feel like something's got to give one way or another. Maybe Sirius can earn his trust back by helping restore the memories. I wish I could say that I hope he realizes the full extent of what he's done, but his nature probably can't allow for that. He must think on some level, however small, that he still did the right thing. This single act he did had such a ripple-effect of consequences he can barely conceive; he was only marginally affected by it whereas it took Beth's life and turned it completely upside-down. Sirius is at once selfish and well-meaning, caring and obtuse.

Your characters. ♥ They do such things to my poor heart.

Author's Response: I am laughing so much at the thought of you reading Timothy and knowing exactly where he comes from. ♥ That is definitely a strut he's got going on there, for sure. ALSO NO, THAT CONVERSATION WAS DEFINITELY NOT INSPIRED BY REAL EVENTS. Oh my goodness, no. No no no.

Beth is the epitome of awkward. And the very sad thing is, it's extremely easy for me to channel past awkward experiences and use them when she feels awkward, so she is essentially me in these moments. I've never had to dodge a kiss before (HA HA HA NO) but that is exactly how I'd react. Except I'd probably trip and fall into the fountain or something. (Verbal evasion, lulz. Your reactions to these moments are the best reactions.)

I've just realized that I'm at the point in the story where Timothy isn't making any more appearances and that is the point when the events of this past week went down. DID I KEEP HIM AROUND FOR NOVEL FODDER. OH MY GOD SARAH I AM DYING OF LAUGHTER.

You've been waiting so long for that confrontation! :D And you were definitely the reason Sirius actually got punched in the face, you know. Partially because you claimed you wanted to see it, and so I was like, "Why not?" It is your fault he got punched. ♥ But in more seriousness, I feel so, so horribly for him too. He and Beth obviously have fought before but this was, I do think, the very worst in all their years of friendship. To have her snap at him and tell him she never wants to see him again -- and in that moment, the heat of it, she very much means it -- that would suck so much for someone who runs on loyalty like Sirius does.

And yet it's true that he /still/ thinks he did the right thing. If he had to make the decision to blab to Dumbledore all over again, he'd still do it, because he has a one-track view of the world, and it's either his way or the highway. Gah, poor Sirius. :(

You make my characters what they are. ♥ You have completely and utterly shaped them. I AM FOREVER IN YOUR DEBT.

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