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Review:peppersweet says:
I'm like three paragraphs into this story and already terrified because it basically describes my life. I always stalk reblogger blogs! I frequently spend three hours on etsy doing nothing! AND I AM ALWAYS DOING STUFF.

Your summary is ace. I do a daily check of recently added (don't worry, I don't even pretend to have a life) but usually just scroll aimlessly past all the things and then go back to tumblr. This summary made me stop and actually read something for a change! :3

Ooh, I like the idea (if I've got the idea right, hee) of a non-magical person (who shares my love of uninterrupted wifi access) having to go and spend time with magical folk (who do not appreciate the wonders of the internet). It's something I've never read before!

Bigger on the inside! I spy a doctor who reference~

One thing I'd comment on is some of the terms seem a I can't speak for the entirety of this fine nation seeing as I'm a mad Scottish git but I feel like 'rooming' is an odd term - Hugo saying 'You're staying with my sister' seems a bit more...natural. Also, the bit where Astrid says they're heading for West Sussex seems a bit odd too - I think it's more likely she'd name the town than the county. Although I'm not sure I've ever been to West Sussex so for all I know it could be the norm to refer to it as West Sussex as all times. If I were me, I wouldn't take my own advice.

A sour look returned. 'It's outside the back. Didn't fancy carrying it anymore. Nasty hill, innit?' / 'You're telling me,' he said with a snort. - and with this tiny exchange I am shipping Greta and Hugo forEVERRR

Lovely start and a really enjoyable read! Looking forward to an update! ♥

Author's Response: WOW. WOW I LOVE YOU. Alright, this'll be weird, I already know. But I can't contain the WOW. Seriously, Starving Artists was half the inspiration for this fic. And by that I mean, well, I just absolutely loved Lucy and her character development and how real it all was and that's what I wanted to do with Greta. Honest, I was so obsessed with that fic that I had to watch Skins just because I wanted to see Hannah Murray's acting so I could better visualise Lucy and see her movements and facial expressions as I was reading. Having done that, I re-read Starving Artists. Twice. You are pretty much the reason I joined HPFF, so I could favourite your stories and follow everything better and just... yeah.

*cough* Okay, my fangirling is all done now. Well alright, that's 100% a lie, but it's done for the moment.


Alright, so there's obviously a bunch of random stuff I have to ramble about now in response to this most brilliant review, but I'm going to start with YES IT WAS A DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE. Couldn't help it :P

As for the terms, I'm glad you mentioned all that, cause my terms are definitely funny. Half of them are chiefly British terms and the other half chiefly American, due to the fact that I was raised both places. So basically it means neither the British nor Americans will be able to understand it, which is pretty much my life (moment of deepest sympathy, please. I belong nowhere. Cry for me). Which is a little less than spectacular. But I'm trying to get rid of all the mostly American terms, because this fic is trying very hard to be British.

Of course, for the West Sussex bit, mostly I was just being lazy. I figured it would be easier to describe the weather and surroundings for a county than a specific town. I am slightly paranoid that someone will live in that town and read this and go IT'S NOT LIKE THAT HERE. Like in Forks for Twilight. (I hope the fact that I know random Twilight trivia doesn't affect your opinion of this story.) But I should just pick a town and have done with :P

Wow that's all it took to ship Greta/Hugo? But I have so many more tiny exchanges planned!

In (sort of) conclusion to this review response of most absurd length, I thank you for taking the time to leave one of these little things (especially because yeah I never did ahem but I WILL CHANGE MY WAYS eventually probably).

And I'm glad you like the summary. I edited it about a million times (and I'll bet you're amazed that after all that, it still includes ponies).

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