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Review:patronus_charm says:
I really liked how you built the tension over what may happen to Krum. You could tell Rose is beginning to care for him with asking whether the book should go ahead or not, and whether Krum will be alright. She contrasts so nicely with Krum as she just seems to have this innocence about her, compared to the darkness Krum alludes.

It was interesting to learn about Krumís downfall from being a quidditch play at his peak. It sort of explains his current behaviour as it mustnít have been easy to have to give what had really been his life. Iím almost beginning to feel sorry for him now, even if getting himself locked up was his own fault. He really does have a lot of mystery attached to him. I really hope we get to find out more about his wives and why their marriage ended in divorce as if thereís an interesting story behind it.

I rather liked the questioning scene. Krumís so complex so it was a lot of fun to his reaction to everything. I almost thought he was going to have this childhood filled with horror like Rose was thinking, so it was a little disappointing finding that wasnít the case. I really like the hinting about them being together with the winking and Krum calling it a date; I canít wait to see what pushes them to be together.

Ooh so Rose doesnít know about what happened between Hermione and Krum then? Thatís interestingÖ I canít wait to see what happens when she finds out, and I wonder who will break it to her, Krum or someone else.

It had to be Albus! I like how you didnít make his life perfect. As Albus said the baby wasnít planned and they had broken up, so it canít be an ideal situation theyíre in. I dread to think what Harry and Ginnyís reaction to this was, as I canít imagine they would be too pleased with this happening. I really want to meet Amelia, as I have feeling sheís going to be quite a character.

Go Rose! I felt proud of her fighting back at Krum, as he does deserve as he hasnít been the nicest person around. Haha, I guess I can see what Krum may have thought when Rose went over to Al, but it didnít make any less funny for me! Ah she finally chose Krum! That ending was brilliant, it was so dramatic and tense, I was sitting here on tenterhooks.

It was all going so well, after that night, then for Krum to have a mysterious person over and claim itís no one. Iím guessing itís either a bailiff, probation person for either his crimes or drugs, or some other person whoís woven into Krumís story. Then not wanting her to come over again that night. Ah not knowing is starting to get very annoying now!

So we get to meet Peterís mum, that was exciting! She seemed so nice and normal, it was hard to think that she would fall for someone like Krum, then again, you wouldnít have thought Rose would fall for him. It was nice to know more about him in an earlier stage of his life, and how he had been nice. Itís cool how all the people in this story are interlinked like how Regina got Rose the job, yet they were both with Krum.

The secrets are starting to come out now, and I canít wait to find out more!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you're liking the contrast between the characters. I do think that there is a lot of natural tension when two very different people are pushed together for any reason. Hopefully it helps add a sense of uncertainty about how things will play out between them.

How to include all the back story was definitely a challenge! I knew endless scenes of Rose questioning Krum about his life would have gotten very tedious very quickly, but I'm really happy you liked most of this scene. I'm sorry his childhood felt like a bit of a letdown. I debated a lot on giving him a more troubled upbringing, but in the end decided against it. I didn't want to "force" the reader to like him because of what he'd been through as a kid or provide too much of an excuse for his later behavior.

Albus will definitely keep popping up throughout the story. I guess I do put him through the ringer a bit! But even though he doesn't really have his life together at the moment, I really like the idea that he can still teach Rose something about what love and family can look like -- even when it's complicated and messy.

Hooray! I'm so happy you liked Rose fighting back a bit. Krum can be moody and manipulative, and Rose can get caught up in it all. But I did want to show that she isn't completely at his mercy. Hopefully it makes the reader more comfortable with the relationship knowing Rose goes into it willingly.

Yikes! Sorry if all the secrets are getting annoying. I tend to unravel my stories pretty slowly. I guess I like keeping my cards close to my chest. I am glad you liked Liddy though. I love having characters cross paths in unexpected ways!

Thank you once again for another lovely review. I've really enjoyed reading all your feedback!

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