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Review:patronus_charm says:
I already have a good feeling about this chapter mainly due to the chapter image and the title of this chapter :D

I was so excited that we got to learn more about Minerva’s family, she’s such a complex character I really wanted to learn more about the people who helped formed it. I really like how you showed what a strong character she is, despite how cold her family is, she’s still resilient to it, and managed to feel happy and content there.

Silly Minerva though, refusing Grimm’s offer of escaping, but then again it shows how she’s independent enough to be able to cope on her own. I really liked the mention of Peeves it seemed so like him, and I never see him in any stories so it was great to get him here.

I really liked the place details of a Glasgow slum or a Fife mining village, it just seems to give the story that authenticity and make it more believable. I’ve been to Glasgow and I can imagine that someone like Corry might come from there. Though not all Glaswegians are horrible.

Hmm, I wonder why Grimm decided to call his owl Nero. Is he implying that he has the same personality as the emperor, or is it just his idea of a joke? I’m really disliking Corry, the way she snatched the letter, and has this generally horrible nature. I guess I felt a little sympathy towards her that she only held the place of a servant and not much more, but that sympathy didn’t last long. I really hope we get to find out more about her brother, and how he died, and why he chose to marry Corry.

I really liked how you put this story into context, with the mentions of the feather being handed out to those that didn’t fight, and the trouble in Europe with Grindelwald. Like with the location factors it just makes it so much more authentic and enjoyable to read.

I found the way Grimm’s mother knew so much about Minerva so sweet. Grimm must like her a lot if his mum knew exactly what she looked like, and her constant referencing that he spoke a lot about her. I almost wouldn’t think he would say much, as he seems like a private person, then again, he’s complex that you can’t really expect anything from him.

I rather liked the sound of Lady Grimm too; she just seemed to have this nice air about. Even though she was a lady, she didn’t seem snobbish at all, and you could tell that she would be a lovely person to talk to. I have a feeling that there should be some hidden side to her, your character are always complex, I feel as if there’s going to be this big twist.

I felt rather sorry for Grimm, I can just imagine him sitting there thinking that Minerva won’t accept his invitation when does in fact, it created a rather sorrowful image of him. Then their little moment! With Grimm calling her darling, the wrist holding and Minerva finally admitting she doesn’t treat him nicely all of the time. I disliked Lady Grimm for a little when she had to come in and interrupt it, then Minerva’s embarrassment when she did so, I could almost feel it.

I think I spotted a typo here – ‘“You mother has an idea about us.”’ I think it should be your mother :)

Haha, even though it was a terrible dilemma they were in, I couldn’t help but laugh at how serious Minerva was becoming about it. It’s so strange to see what social constraints they were under, and how they really couldn’t socialise. Grimm seemed so pragmatic about it all, with him merely stating that he thought he was too young, but he would marry someone if he had to marry anyone, whereas Minerva was on a verge of a breakdown.

More girl power Minerva at the end with her kindly telling Grimm to take more care with his guests in future. I was wondering what her reaction may be, but I felt really proud of her to see that she remained composed and just gave him a witty reply.

Another excellent chapter!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this wonderfully long review! It's always a pleasure to see a new one from you. :D You engage closely with the story, and it means a lot to see how you react to the big and little things alike.

What I really liked about including this chapter in the story was how it takes Grimm and Minerva out of Hogwarts, and because people are often very different at school than they are at home, it gave me an opportunity to explore a different side of their personalities. This definitely comes into play for Minerva because, like you've mentioned, she's more of an enigma, constantly holding things back, even (or especially) from Grimm. At home, however, the power dynamic is very different - her sister-in-law is domineering, mostly because she's so insecure, a state that has only increased since she's become a widow. As for Minerva's parents, they're just quiet people - it seems like they're cold, but it's from them that Minerva gets her reserve.

I'm glad that you liked the detail about the feather! I'm not actually sure whether it was done during WWII, but it certainly comes up a lot in regard to the WWI and how it judges young men purely on appearance - if they /look/ old/able enough, then they must go fight, which doesn't take into account actual age or disability (I've also read about the opposite, where some men avoided war by taking a desk job, using money and influence to keep away from the front lines). It's a very complicated period to deal with, and I take pride in being able to ground the story in the history - the same character could have an entirely different personality if you change the period in which they exist, so it's something that all writers really need to keep in mind, even in a small way.

Thanks for pointing out that typo. :D I'll actually stop my response here because if I try to discuss the intricacies of Grimm and Minerva's relationship, I'll probably end up writing spoilers. The story grows with their relationship, and I can't always look back without mentioning what comes after, if that makes any sense. It's fantastic that you liked this chapter and what it does for the characters! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! ^_^

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