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Review:nott theodore says:
This was such a good chapter to read! I feel like this could really be the beginning of a recovery for Emily - obviously it will be a long and difficult process, and there is no instant cure for depression or Post Traumatic Stress, but I hope that she does begin to realise that she isn't alone in suffering this way and that she can get better.

One of the things I was interested to see from the last chapter was how Emily behaved in a different environment and interacted with her family. I really enjoyed seeing the difference in her character at the beginning of this chapter. Her brother's children seemed really cute, but it was almost as if being with her family - people that didn't know anything about her world - helped her to forget the terror she'd experienced because of being introduced to the world of magic. I can understand why it couldn't truly leave her, though, and I thought the fact that she managed to talk to Claire and admit that something was wrong was a big step forward for Emily.

You managed to write the effects of depression really well. When Emily asks 'What I'm feeling has a name?' it's actually heart-breaking, because it is so true of what people feel. I'm glad that she didn't spill everything out in this first meeting with the Healer, though, but at the same time we begin to see her admit what she feels. Clearly what she experienced during the war is something that still affects her deeply and I'm interested to know what she witnessed and experienced as a muggle born.

I thought you wrote the flashback really well. Quite often they seem awkward and can affect the flow of the story, but this fitted in perfectly and gave us an insight into the sort of person Emily was before Cedric's death, which is something we've heard about so far but not yet seen. It was nice to get a glimpse of what her relationship was with Cedric and I also liked the little details you included, such as the scowling redhead, who I'm presuming is Ginny Weasley.

This chapter definitely feels like a step forward for Emily as she's done the hardest thing: admit she has a problem. It's also interesting that she's noticed that there are two versions of her personality; pre- and post-Cedric. I'm intrigued by Timothy Briar, as well, and I'm guessing that he'll also be in the plot in the future. I think it will be important for her to spend time with other people her age who have experienced the war and the terror that she's lived through.

Since the return to Hogwarts is probably next, I'm feeling intrigued and slightly apprehensive about it. I hope that she doesn't deteriorate too much when she's back teaching, but also interested to see if anything changes when she gets back. I'll look forward to the next chapter!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Well they say that the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and the incident in the classroom has made it blindingly obvious to Emily that's she's got a bit of a problem. I was a bit nervous about putting real 'muggle' names on her conditions, but I felt it was the best way to go.

Being a muggle born means that her family is like a completely separate universe to the rest of her life, and since most of her problems are to do with the magical world, she naturally feels a sense of relaxation when she is among her muggle family. In a way, it's almost like she can go back to being a muggle, completely ignorant of the war and the pain and suffereing it left in its wake, at least for a little while.

you know that line "What I'm feeling has a name?" was one that I deliberated over for so long. I kept putting it in and taking out only to put it back in. I wondered if it was a little too ignorant to be realistic, but since this story is set in 2003 and Emily was raised in the wizarding world since the age of 11, I thought it would work that she had no idea about the forms of mental illness. The sessions with Heather are going to be really important, but they're also probably the hardest to write. I'm paranoid that Heather is going to come off as this pathetic "and how does that make you feel?" counsellor type, which I don't want at all.

Oh I'm glad you liked the memory. I'm actually planning to include them in most chapters, but I want them to flow really easily, like memories often do. There's a lot of layers to Emily, so I wanted different ways for those layers to be revealed. It's also a good way to show how different Emily used to be, which in turn demonstrates the severity of her depression. This memory is one I really like too - and yes! I'm so excited you picked up on the little Ginny cameo. I just threw that in for a bit of fun :)

Timothy is definitely going to be part of future chapters, but I won't give too much away :)

Thanks for another fantastic review, I really love reading all of your thoughts. Thanks again! :)

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