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Review:patronus_charm says:
The bad thing about taking ages to get round to this is not being able to read it, but then I only have to wait a few days for the next chapter :D

Yay Beth’s jobs improved, I knew the feeling of hope wasn’t for nothing! It’s kind of sad that I found it interesting to read about what she does, but I guess if I was in her position it would not be fun. Poor Beth though, it doesn’t look like Moody’s going to budge any time soon, he does seem like a person who’s a sticker to the rules. Poor Beth again with this line – ‘She understood now what had made Peter and Remus so distant during the past year and a half’ I was just sitting there thinking, if only you knew.

I really like how you’ve given Mafalda a character. We only see little snippets of her with her name on the letters, and Hermione impersonating her, so I really enjoyed seeing how you developed her character here.

Ah it’s Timothy! He appears again! I’m still confused about my feelings towards him. He seems like a nice person, but his appearance is too suspicious, and it feels as if I’m meant to dislike and he’s actually a death eater. Or maybe you’re just bluffing us Rachel, or double bluffing. Wah! I guess I’ll have to wait and find out what his real aims are. And Beth I forbid you from having romantic feelings towards him, it’s Snape and only Snape.

It was interesting when Beth mentioned how many locks the Potters and Longbottoms both had, and how they both thought they had an equal chance of being attacked. It makes you wonder how different it may have been if they had known it was just Harry they were after? I shouldn’t think about it though, as I tried to avoid thinking about their deaths, and when they’re going to appear in this book.

James and Sirius are such good friends as you can tell how much planning they had put into this escapade. It almost seems as if they’re viewing this as another chance to go and prank Hogwarts. They are big children, with Sirius viewing Harry as a playmate rather than a baby. And yay I forgot to mention more cute baby Harry scenes.

I don’t blame Beth for having that mini break down, she is in such a confusing situation right now, I would be reacting a lot worse than her. It’s nice to see that despite how James and her have grown apart in some respects, they’re still close in others.

Ok theory time! As I mentioned before, there is something up with Timothy he’s just too suspicious, I just don’t know what. Ah I got a new idea for him, he’s Snape in disguise! (yeah that one’s a bit far-fetched….) Or Dumbledore hasn’t stored the memories at all, and Snape still has them and he’s just an amazing actor and can disguise his feelings for Beth. I doubt any of them are true, but it was fun :D

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: You don't have long at all to wait for the next chapter! :) Lucky you! I actually find it pretty neat to write about what Beth does, to be honest, and it wouldn't be so bad. I think she's focusing on the negatives, personally, but then again, it's got to seem a little humdrum compared to mission work with Sirius. I enjoyed bringing Mafalda Hopkirk to life, though! And who knew that the letters she'd been sending out had been delivered to the owls by run-of-the-mill Ministry sorts all along.

Timothy is a nice person, and is meant to be, but it's as I've said in another review response and in this author's note: He's largely based off a specific person in my life, and I think my opinion of this person sometimes bleeds through in writing him. I didn't expect you all to be as suspicious of him as you are! I can't tell you what he's up to, of course...

I'm not sure if James and Lily would have done anything differently if they knew Voldemort was attacking Harry specifically; if anything, they probably would have been more protective, but I still don't think they would have known they were making a mistake in entrusting the Secret-Keeper position to Peter. :( James and Sirius really are such good friends to help Beth out. Sirius is, of course, doing it for somewhat selfish reasons -- to alleviate guilt, in part, and because he thinks that things will return to normal if Beth's got someone in her life again. He is unable to grasp the fact that it's SEVERUS that Beth needs. ♥

Ooh, now, those are quite good theories! I cannot tell you anything about them, though, other than that I'm glad you made them. ♥ You'll have to wait and see which of them (if any) come to fruition!

Thank you for another amazing review, Kiana! ♥

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