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Review:Phoenix_Feather49 says:

(I'm going to stop now, I'm tired)

I can't work out whether I enjoyed this or not. Actually, that's a lie. I KNOW I enjoyed it. I'm just annoyed (this is a misguided compliment, trust me. The reason I'm annoyed is good, I promise.)

You see, I am annoyed with the characters, which shows how talented you are at writing good characters that I connect to. Anyways, they're annoying me a little.

I want to stab Lily repeatedly and hug her at the same time because honestly she needs to buck up. I think it's because she reminds me of my friend (well not anymore) who had stuff happen to her (which ya know turned out to be fake, but that's not the point) and she just let it get the better of her. I want Lily to get on with things but at the same time I want to help her because I feel for her. I feel like she's taking it out on her family and Jack (at first) too much when they're just trying to help; she's wallowing in it and making it even worse for herself, inflicting it on herself instead of trying to cure herself.

I'm torn. Ouch.

I'm also annoyed at Jack for being perfect and flawed and stuff. (Again, a good thing).

I'm worried about Albie because I worry about Albie a lot. I want him to move on and get a new girlfriend and stuff (don't tell me he's already got one and I've missed that chapter, because that's so me). But I'm still clutching onto this vain hope that Ellie's going to make a miraculous recovery (I know she won't, I weirdly like that she won't) and they're going to get married and have babies. It's so sad :(

I'm also annoyed at the Potter family for some reason. I feel like they're not doing enough for Lily and for Ellie, even though I know they are (if you get what I mean). Part of me feels like they're almost being cruel by keeping Ellie with them, instead of putting her in St Mungo's (which I know sounds awful, but hear me out) where she can get proper care from trained people and it'd be better for them too, as well as Ellie. Again, I'm torn.

I'm just tired of their suffering. Please give them a break. For me.

Anyways, please don't take this in any way a downer chapter (slightly more serious than my usual one). It's a nod to your writing ability to make me care so much. I think it's just affected me because they're topics close to me. I saw in another review of yours (I sound like a creeper :L) that you are terrified of dementia and I can say you're not alone. I'm not terrified of getting it exactly, just watching someone I love get it. My namesake got it and I will never forget seeing her a couple of days before she died, honestly it's my worst memory. I think your writing of Ellie reminds me of her so even though it's horrible, it's sort of beautiful. Having seen it from a personal point of view, you're writing it perfectly.

Over and out, see you next time. Love this, love you, keep writing.

Author's Response: (that's okay)
Maybe it's more working out WHY you liked it, because you don't have to agree with/feel happy about something to like it. (Misguided compliments often turn out to be the best, and I trust you not to be cruel. So of course I'm going to keep reading.)
I'm not quite sure how to respond to this honestly, because I love the characters immensely (probably because they're all little mutations of my own head and I understand them) so I'll just say thank you for the compliment.
She really does- but, slightly spoiler alert, it's going to take something big for her to do so. And it isn't going to be easy. Oh jeez, I hate it when people manipulate like that- but yes, sometimes, when you're hopeless, it's easy to give up on everything because all efforts seem useless. Yeah, just... everything you've said there is my train of thought.
Oh, thank you.
There's not that much on Al, to be quite honest, because he's not the focus seeing as he doesn't allow himself to be. (He doesn't and you didn't.) I think everyone, in the story and the readership, is hoping for that. I'm sorry :(
I can't help you much with that, because I understand but I've got a totally different perspective because I'm the writer, so I'm bearing in mind a lot of other stuff that's never going to be mentioned. Speaking of, I feel no guilt in telling you that Ellie was in St Mungo's for the first four months of her condition, at which point it was deemed that being in a recognizable environment may be beneficial to her condition, and surrounded by the people she loves. The only people it's really detrimentally affecting is Lily, Ginny, Al, Harry and James. She gets visited every week by the trained professionals you've talked about- I promise you, Ellie's in the best care she can possibly be in.
-I think I just promised you the safety of a fictional character. Anyway-
Erm... get a Tardis, travel into the future, read the last chapter and smile. Because I love happy endings.
Oh, gosh, no. It's all very sincere and wonderful in a different way to your usual reviews. Thank you, again. Not at all creepy- flattering. I think for me, forgetting good things is more scary than just death- my grandma had it, and she suffered so much. It is horrible, seeing them like that, too. I only saw her once. I hope it's not too triggering for you, but if it is just leave a little review telling me you can't continue, that's fine. Thank you.
See you soon- thank you so much for this humbling review. Love this, love you, will do.

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