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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Not when he had, however necessarily, however decisively, already let her go. :( I've never thought about it that way and seeing it pieced together like that makes me sad.

I must say, if I had to have any fictional person in my corner, it would be James Potter - particularly your James Potter. Attempting to sneak into Hogwarts under Dumbledore's nose, to steal a man's memories, while he is supposed to be in hiding, is no small risk. And on top of that, during such an outing he would presumably be leaving his wife and son behind, and if anything happened to them while he was gone he would never be able to forgive himself. It's a testament to his fierce loyalty and selflessness that he's even going to consider it, and carrying out the act makes him pretty much the best person ever. I love how good of a friend he is, how good of a person he is. It really shines through in everything he says and does.

Oh my goodness, the scene in the kitchen. SO AWKWARD. Beth is just "Yep" and Sirius is like "Uh-huh" and James is like "You okay?" and Beth is like "Yep" again. James and Sirius's reactions to hearing about her date (at least it's not at 8 a.m. in a gas station hehehehe) were polarized - Sirius seems pretty gung-ho for Beth to move on and hopefully forget Severus ever existed. It would alleviate any guilt he has for separating two people in love if Beth found love again with someone else, and in this respect he is profoundly selfish. On the other hand, I can sort of see why he would want her to find happiness with just about anyone since she's been so miserable and depressed lately. It's a wonder he hasn't been trying to set her up on dates with every guy he knows, regardless of their compatibility. Sirius has some sensitivity, after all, for restraining himself from doing so! He consciously skirts the topic of Beth's love life whenever it's brought up; he oozes discomfort when he's forced to give an opinion either way.

James knows her best, and he knows a date with someone else isn't what Beth wants or needs. She already met her soul mate. Once you get so close to what you've always wanted and then ripped away, you can't forget what you almost had. James can empathize better than anyone because he also knows what it's like to really, REALLY want someone.

IT WAS SIRIUS. SIRIUS TOLD. He always seems to flee the conversation whenever it turns to Severus, sometimes by changing the subject and sometimes by physically darting off. His obvious uneasiness where Severus is concerned leaks out of him and he has to make a break for it. He must be feeling guilty about what he did - but not guilty enough to regret doing it, I think. Helping them sneak into Hogwarts to retrieve the memories would be counterproductive in his eyes, most likely, since it's partially his fault Severus's memories were ever removed in the first place. I don't think he's sorry Severus doesn't know who she is. He probably thinks it's for the best, for her protection, and had hoped his willpower for her to move on would have put her far past this by now. He underestimated the power of Sneth! You don't love someone for almost a decade and then forget them in a hurry.

I cannot believe you have already written 21 chapters of this. You are a beast.

Author's Response: It sort of kills me that Severus made the choice to forget Beth -- it wasn't his first choice, and he didn't think of it on his own, but it was still his doing. -claws at face- I must enjoy feeling pain.

JAMES IS THE OLDER BROTHER I ALWAYS WANTED. ♥ I would totally choose to have him in my corner, too. This paragraph of yours actually came in handy in reviewing motivations, but it should show how attached James is to Beth that he's willing to go to such lengths to make her happy, and for a man he basically hates. Lily and Harry are his first priority, but just as he's a brother to Beth, she's like a sister to him. And he wants her old self back again. That's part of the reason Sirius wants to help, too; Beth's not like she always used to be, and of the five of them, he clings hardest to the old ways. If Severus is back, he thinks, maybe things won't be so uncontrollable.

And then Sirius also wants that happiness to come through someone like Timothy. Sigh. He is kind of oblivious, and I think that's because it's like I mentioned above: He's very blinded by his own visions. The second he hears Beth's got a date, his mind goes to, "Brilliant, she'll be happy and normal again!" He doesn't see, like James does, how unhappy that fact actually makes her. Poor bloke. ♥

And there is the guilt factor, obviously, because he is sometimes sucky and ratted on Beth/Severus in the first place. SUCH DRAMA THERE. He is very good at skirting that conversation and naively wishes it would never take place. But that can't happen, can it? Got to pay your due, and all that. Get what's coming to you. He is the perfect example of "You're not sorry you did it. You're sorry you got caught."


Anyway. I have now written... twenty-three-and-a-half chapters of this story. :3 What is life. SLOW DOWN, SELF. This is why I should not set goals for myself. I rush through the happy bits of life.

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