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Review:as1hey says:
I am extremely happy that I found your story! I spent a whole night finishing Fighting Temptation, and the very next day in class reading the sequel. It was not a very good idea sleeping so late and reading in class, but I just could not resist. Your story was/is that good! I even found myself reading your reviews and replies. I never do that! I do like how in depth you get with their characterization in the story itself and the reviews though.
Some people seem annoyed by your characterization of Rose, but I like it. She's not perfect; she runs from conflict and she pushes her feelings away which make her relatable, yet she has her redeeming moments like her fight with her Dad about her version of happiness or her decision about not wanting anyone else if she can't have Scorpius. Her fiery passion makes her fun to read about. I also like your writing of Scorpius and how he seems a little more levelheaded than her thus making them a good balance. I am embarrassed to say all this because all that I am saying I am sure you already know(: Anyways, I am very excited and can not wait to read more!

p.s. you have little hints of why Scorpius up and went to New York so quickly, and it is eating away at my brain. I want to know why! Was he in some sort of bad relationship with someone else? That girls from the epilogue? Family troubles? What could it be? Maybe there isn't some really big reason... oh well, until next time!

Author's Response: First of all Im so happy that you are enjoying my story. Its funny that you mention reading in class not going to lie I remember reading this one story in my Trigonometry class on my phone.
The reason I go so im depth is because not everything can be explained in the chapter or sometimes I didn't get a point across as well as I would have liked so I try to explains what I meant through the reviews.
Yeah there was a little bit of a I hat Rose fan club for a while, which was really getting to me cause I hated having people hate her. I know that I'm the one that wrote her and I guess that makes me the biggest contributor on why she was hated, but I don't know, all I know was that I was not a fan of everyone hating Rose, even though I see why they did. She is complex and she over reacts to things to the point that it can be annoying. So it is very nice to hear that I have redeemed her a bit, thats what I was going for, and In this chapter in conversation with her dad I was trying to show that Scorpius has been a subject that she hasnt fully let go of yet, and that her distance from her parents has made her a more willing to push the waters a little a bit and argue with her dad about it. I also wanted to demonstrate that even though they weren’t together, and that she is the one who broke up with him, that she hasn't completely given up on Scorpius just yet.
Its funny that you mention the line in Fighting Temptation about her not wanting to be with anyone else is she can't have Scorpius because originally the line was when you've met the person you know your meant to be with, you don't want to be with anybody else. which was supposed to show that she knew, like Scorpius, that they belonged together. The reason I changed was 1st I knew I would have a tone of Reviews hating on Rose for it, and I that point I was trying to redeem her, and 2nd was because I felt like it would make her too guarded and not open to any sort of physical relationships with anyone else, so I changed it implying that she knew her and Scorpius belong together and making it more along the lines, that she doesnt want to fall in love again, because after that she says I'm not cut out for love. With that being said, Rose has had one "sort of relationship" since she broke up with Scorpius. Now I cant go too in depth but Scorpius did play a role in it and that will be revealed soon.
Yeah I knew going into the sequel that I wanted Scorpius to be more grounded, than in Fighting Temptation, I have said it several times, but Scorpius is completely and totally aware of the fact that he is still in love with Rose, he is aware that they are meant to be together, that doesn't mean he hasn't tried to push back those feelings and fight them by being with other people, it just means that he has gotten to the point where he knows how to go through everyday life accepting what he cannot change and dealing with it, which has made him more grounded and carful because, for year he has been avoiding even the thought of Rose because of how painful the memories are, and because internally he is being forced to remind himself that he cant change it. Don't be embarrassed for anything, it's weird because I know what my opinion of Scorpius and Rose is but I don't always know what other people opinions are unless they review and I like knowing what they are so you mentioning it I actually like.
As for the little hints of why Scorpius left, I brought them up early on because when the reason does come out I didn't want it to seem random, second I also didn't want it to seem like he went searching for Rose because he didn't. As for Why, sorry can't tell you that, there is a really big reason, although im not sure when it is going to come out but I can say it probably wont be for a while.
So I'm hoping to have an update posted for view by this weekend and I am so happy that you are enjoying the story, thank you so much for reviewing.

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