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Review:Soraa says:
Firstly, great chapter, I love the way that you paint a picture with your mind such as Scorpius leaning against the window, and to prove how much I loved it, I actually put down my bacon roll to write this review :P

Right back to the story, I feel kinda sorry for Carla as she is completely stuck in the middle of everything, inbetween Matt and Rose and inbetween Rose and Scorpius as I think that Carla actually likes Scorp but she's not going to admit that to Rose while she is in such a fragile mood. Next, the way that Scorp was there so early in the morning and Carla picked up on the fact that it wasn't because of the time differences. Carla is very smart. I think that Scorp might have been checking up on Rose to check that she got home alright, whether it was on purpose of sub-consciencely i'm not sure yet.

Next, I love how Scorp still understand Rose despite the big front that she puts up to everyone he still knows the real her and I think that this scares her, However, Rose knows him as well (the books) so they're both going to have to learn o trust one another. I also love how they are both trying to read one another without actually talking to one another which is such a typical ex relationship thing to do. Also, I love how their teasing is becoming less violent and forceful and more light and jokingly so that they can actually talk to one another without annoying each other.

Also, I was starting to feel sorry for Scorp as I beleive that he might feel responsible in some way for Roses logic and the way in which she thinks even though it's not his fault at all. I also agree with you that he could change anyones mind just with the way that he talks to people with the pasion in his voice would make anyone do anything.

Anyway thanks for the quick update it was a really good one :)


Author's Response: So I'm assuming that putting down your bacon roll is a pretty big deal.
AS for Carla yeah, she hates being stuck in the middle and it is a place that is very unfamilure to her. She doesn't really know Scorpius that well, and she is never one to judge a book by it's cover, so when it comes to likeing him, I will say that him having that conversation with her, definattly didn't hurt him, when it comes to her opinion.
I haven't totally decided yet, because some times when I write the dioluge takes over me and I end up somwhere that I never anticipated to be, but as of now I'm pretty sure that Carla is going to keep her opinion of Scorpius to her self for a good while.
Carla is extremly smart, and like Hugo she can read people like a Hawk, which is why she is a good auror, she may not be as strong of a Witch, and may lack the physcal strength as well, but she makes up for in being able to pretty acuratly predict peoples next moves. She is wrong sometimes but she knows that there is so much more to Rose and Scorpius past then they are letting on. I will say that Scorpius wasn't there to check up on Rose, he had no clue that Carla would be there that early. The reason why he was there is because he has become a bit of an insomniac lately and it does have a little to do with Rose and her re-entering his life, but it also has a good bit to do with why he left london. Even though Scorpius doesn't like to belive it, he is running from some things as well. I will day that he isn't pulling a Rose and full out avoiding them, but he is taking some time to figure out what he is going to do, and when he become frustraited he throws himself into his work.
Scorpius has always been able to read Rose like a book, even when they were in school and that had something to do with why Rose hated him for so long because she couldn't fool him, and your right it scares her now just as much as it scared her then, which is also partially why she broke up with him, I think that a part of her couldn't understand how he knew her so well, when she didn't even know herself, and for that reason she had to figure out who she was.
When it comes to Rose she does know him well, but she is a little out of touch, seeing as how she has been holding people at arms length for so long. To me them reading each other without talking, isn't really and ex relationship thing but more of a Rose/Scorpius thing, it's something that they have always done and they are slowly falling back into that patern of getting to know each other again. Yeah, Rose is starting to become a bit more involved in conversations with him, partly because it is so easy to talk to Scorpius. As for them needing to learn to trust each other, I would almost argue that they do already trust each other only because I don't think that their feelings for one another ever died, with that being sai that is also one of those things that I haven't really decided on either, simply because Rose really doesn't like to trust anybody, and yet that problem roots back to Scorpius so... I don't know.
I'm not sure if Scorpius feels responsable for how Rose feels only because she had felt that way before she met him, but a part of him does know, even if he wont admit it to himself, that her past with him does play a role in why she thinks marriage is nuts, but I don't think he takes it as his fault. I mean she flat out told him in the epilouge of Fighting Temptation that she doesn't want to fall in love again. So once agais I don't know. Yes Scorpius can be very passionate sometimes.
ANyways thanks for the review sora and for reading. There should be another update (Hopefully) next weekend.

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