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Review:Siriusly89 says:
Hi. . . . .Siriusly89 here with your insanely late review. . . .please don’t throw things at me for my shoddy time-keeping skills.

Anyway, enough about me and on to another chapterino of your highly addictive novel!

I loved the introduction, how you gave us an insight into the past of the Yaxleys, because as we know, purebloods usually have very rich, detailed and diverse backgrounds (ahem, the Blacks anyone?)

It’s interesting that Astoria’s mother is older than her father, but a really nice addition. Also the reasons she was drawn to him in the first place, such purebloodish reasons, but that’s what makes this very real, and the characters more than just words on a page (well, words on a screen, but lets not get technical here!)

The ‘inner circle’ as you called it, was very interesting. I can almost imagine them in some deserted classroom in the dungeons practicing the spells they really shouldn’t know how to do. Chilling! I have goose bumps!

I love how when Voldemort told him congratulations on getting engaged/married (not sure at this moment in time, although I’m leaning towards married, because I don’ think they’d be allowed live together if they weren’t married, imagine the scandal!), instead of saying ‘Thank you my Lord’ or something along the lines of that, he launched into this speech on her blood-linage. Though I suppose that could be critical information in old Voldies eyes.

I liked Astoria’s description of her father. He seems like a cold, distant, manipulative man, but you get the sense that Astoria respects him greatly, and in a way that’s slightly twisted. She loves her dad, it seems, for all the wrong reasons. Not because he tucked her in at night and took away all her fears and made her feel safer than anyone, but because he could force people to do his bidding and kill people without a backwards glance.

Ah! It makes sense now why Astoria and Daphne use their mother’s maiden name! Because the Order of the Phoenix wouldn’t really keep tabs on who the old Death Eaters married now would they? They’d just see someone with the surname Yaxley and hex them into oblivion. And now, it all makes sense!

Awh! Astoria playing Hogwarts with Theo and Pyxis was just adorable. Although Astoria being able to block her father out of her mind at such a young age was rather cool. . . . . . Harry would be so jealous if he knew, although I suppose he did banish a dark wizard when he was one, but that still doesn’t detract from Astoria’s achievement!

This really was a great insight into Astoria’s world, and the way she grew up, I loved it!

Feel free to re-request, hopefully it won’t take so long next time!

Author's Response: Hello, no worries at all!!! I'm glad you enjoyed reading about Astoria's history and her parents, I really want to delve into why she thinks the way she does and their complicated family dynamics.

I imagine that marriages between pure bloods would actually be of interest to Voldemort, since it ensures a future generation of his future army. Certainly, he wouldn't be interested for sentimental reasons!! Imagine Voldie as a best man at a wedding, or as a godfather... hmm, the idea makes me laugh.

I like that Tor's relationship with her father is coming across well. He's a very diverse character in that he has his dark, powerful side, but also loves his family.

Glad it makes sense why they'd go by Greengrass! The Yaxleys are definitely a little less like proud peacocks than a family like the Malfoys, and know that sometimes lying low and rising to the top is more effective. Also, as I know many people who go by their mother's maiden names or by hyphenated last names, it would make sense that wizards would do the same, right? I can definitely imagine the purebloods having a twelve-part hyphenated name, just to show off all the pureblood families they're related to!

Astoria being a natural Legilimens just seemed perfect for her personality: she's perceptive, thoughtful, self-aware, and both open-minded and close-minded at the same time, so I'm glad you thought it was cool :)

Thank you so much for your lovely review, I really appreciate all the thoughtful responsese :D I will definitely be re-requesting!!! :)

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