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Review:MargaretLane says:
*grins* I was actually considering asking if you were a teacher in one of the previous reviews.

And *laughs*, I love 1st years too, although our 1st years are Hogwarts' 2nd years. They are so enthusiastic about everything. Pity that whole everybody raising their hands, excited to answer the question thing doesn't last.

Oh, yikes, I would be useless at Transfiguration. Visualising things isn't exactly my strong point.

I think she's a good teacher, even if she doesn't believe it herself. Just from what we've seen here, with the way she helps and encourages the students. And the way they leave with smiles on their faces. I'm quite sure they don't leave Binns' class like that.

Some of that conversation is reminding me a little of an interaction I have planned between McGonagall and a Transfiguration teacher in the second year of my next generation story. *laughs* There's even going to be a line along the lines of "I want you on the staff. I wouldn't have hired you otherwise."

*laughs at the mention of barely legal looking witches* Actually during the school year, pubs in the wizarding world must have an easy time of assessing legality, since under 18s (or maybe under 17s, since people come of age a year younger in the wizarding world) would mostly be at Hogwarts and it'd only be on Hogsmeade's weekends and school holidays, they'd have to worry about underage customers.

You've put an apostrophe in "firewhiskeys" that I don't think should be there.

Love the name of the cocktail.

Yeah, can imagine it'd be hard to call your own old teachers by their first names, particularly if they are still in positions of authority over you, like being Headmistress or Deputy Headmaster.

Hadn't thought about Apparating after drinking being an issue, but it does make sense, since people could Splinch themselves. Wonder if the wizarding world has anti-drunk Apparating laws.

Great chapter. I really like this story so far.

Author's Response: Emily is certainly her hardest judge when it comes to her teaching ability. She's just so hard on herself, but that will come up a bit more in further chapters.

lol...I'm pretty sure the only way people leave Binn's class is yawning!

I hadn't really thought about that thing with underage witches and wizards, although I've also got this theory that not everyone goes to Hogwarts. I feel like there must be an apprectice type program for the kids who aren't 'smart' or 'skilled' enough and maybe even some sort of option for the squibs.

Thanks for the heads up on the random apostrophe, I'll go in and fix it. I always seem to end up with little errors like that, even if I edit ten times (well ok, I don't think I've ever edited a chapter ten times but you know what I mean!).

lol, with the cocktail I furgured that -adjective- -noun/magical creature- and a bit of alliteration, I couldn't go wrong :) There may be some more in future chapters! And the apparition thing! I saw something recently in another fanfic where somebody told someone else not to apparate because they were drunk and I thought "of course, that makes complete sense," after all, if you're simply not focussed you can get splinched, so alcohol must make that worse. And I'd say that if you're not supposed to apparate without a license, then there'd be a few other rules too, though how they'd catch you I'm not entirely sure. On that point, I wonder if there are drunk flying rules for broomsticks!

Thanks so much for another wonderful review, I really apreciate the time and thought you put into it, and the fact that you're reading my little story too! :)

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