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Review:patronus_charm says:
Roseís initial description of Krum was rather complementary, wasnít it? I rather liked that it was as it showed how potential relationship between the two could develop, yet at the same time didnít put too much emphasis on it. I found interesting that Krum found Rose just as intriguing, and that he was studying her with the same intensity. I wonder whether he was trying to pick out signs of Hermione in her. Aha I was right, he was looking for Hermione.

I really liked your characterisation of him. We never got to see that much of him in the book, but I liked how you made him surlier and almost cynical, it fits well with his deterioration and drug use. I was surprised as Rose about him not drinking alcohol, you almost just assume he would with his other vices, but I suppose this shows heís not as bad as many people perceive him to be.

Krum is such an odd character, but his oddness makes him all the more interesting. The way he has that physical dominance of Rose seems to be suggesting that he wants to lay claims over her, like he used to be able to. Then you would never have thought he would be the one to break up the fight, yet he did.

I really like Rose too, the way sheís trying to better herself, yet sheís still kind and compassionate. I can definitely see the mix of Ron and Hermione in her, and itís so nice that you passed on their characteristics, and didnít make her someone different.

I thought it was interesting that Rose seemed to think visiting her family as more of a duty rather than something of pleasure, and you could tell that there was some tension there due to her thinking of the family home as too small, and mentioning her parents retiring. I canít put my finger on it, but it just doesnít seem that right.

Hugoís gay? I always imagined him being gay, but I thought I was alone on that front, so Iím glad that youíve got the same views. I want to meet Billy too, and see what heís like. Rose did seem a little bitter towards them, and towards Albus and Amelia, I really want to know if this is just her natural inclination or whether thereís another reason. Rose must have made an impression on Krum if sheís the only one heíll see, so she drew him in.

Though Krum hasnít endeared himself to many, heís endeared himself to me with his quirkiness, and his obvious plead for help with him going so off the rails. The fact that he didnít put up a struggle seems to suggest to me that he almost wanted to be arrested, so that people will see how much he needs help. Or Iím just reading too far into this ;D

I thought Brooks may have just made it up that Krum didnít know anything about the book, but I guess my assumptions are being proved incorrect because it does seem that Brooks really didnít tell them. I have a feeling weíre not going to find out for a while, which is annoying as itís really bugging me not knowing!

I was so glad that Rose began to fight back against Krum, he needed telling off! I felt so proud of her and may have got a little carried and started doing girl power chants in my head! It pains me to say that he did deserve it as he was being rather obnoxious to poor old Rose, and she stuck up for Brooks as well. At least the book was agreed to!

Author's Response: Deciding how much to describe Krum was tough. He is the romantic lead, so I wanted to give him a proper introduction, but I may have gone a little overboard. It's strange because in the books, he isn't described as very handsome, but yet he still has legions of girls following him around. I tried to find a middle ground of portraying him as alluring without actually being overly handsome.

I'm so glad you liked his characterization! We know enough from canon to give him an interesting jumping-off point, but there was still lots of room for me to play. I'm glad his sort of contradictory nature came through here. It's a running theme with him that leaves Rose on unsteady ground. You aren't the first person to mention it being odd that he breaks up the fight. I might need to look at that part again. I meant to imply that he does it as a favor to his friend, the owner of the bar, but maybe that's not coming through...

It's not that Rose doesn't enjoy seeing her family...I just think of her more as going through that strange phase of life where the way she relates with her parents is evolving. She's an adult but she still feels a bit like a kid when it comes to parents. She's trying to look at them as fellow adults and understand why they do what they do (live in a small house when they could afford bigger, not retire, etc.) but she's not quite there yet. But if it's coming of as judgmental or out of character, I definitely don't want that. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll take another look at it.

A few readers have told me the imagined Hugo as gay too. I thought it was a good fit for the story since I wanted Rose to be surrounded by people in all types of relationships, but maybe it's an actual thing! Rose is pretty short with him and Al. That will all boil over a bit in later chapters, so if you read that far, I'll be interested to see if you think it was explained well.

I don't think you're reading too much into it at all! I'm glad that you have mixed feelings about Krum. My intention was always to leave his true nature and intentions ambiguous until the end. I want the reader to feel torn on whether to tell Rose of go for it or to run screaming for the hills.

Thank you for such a wonderful review. I always feel so terribly conceited when replying to them! I hope you've enjoyed the story up to this point. I've certainly enjoyed your reviews. Thank you again!!

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