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Review:Dirigible_Plums says:
So I have been reading 'Beyond the Veil' for quite a while now, waiting for any updates but I've never reviewed before. First of all, I would like to say congrats on the idea. I never really liked the fact that Sirius was killed off even though it made good reading. I think that Al is by far my favourite character even though he is a Slytherin and I like the fact that he isn't very reckless and calculates things first like with Lowsley. I also like how you portrayed Dom; is there a reason why she is suddenly nice around Amelia? I was also wondering if James and Amelia are going to be together later on because it seems like there's something going on there. Furthermore, are you planning on writing the story throughout the years that James is at Hogwarts or will it end sooner? Also, will there be any chapters from any other Wotters' POVs or will it just be Al, James and Sirius for the rest of it? My FINAL note is just that there are some errors in punctuation and stuff but you'll probably fix them later. Keep on writing and sorry about all the questions and essay? x

Author's Response: Oh please, don't apologize about leaving me a review. :) I practically beg for them. xD

First off, thank you for leaving me a review and giving me all the questions you hold and constructive criticism.

I'm glad that you like the idea. I've never really like Sirius being killed off either. I always disliked his death the most, although it did make sense for the series and like you said, make a good story out of it. Plus I don't think we are really suppose to like it when she kills off a character least not too much.

I'm glad you like Al. He's one of my favorite characters to write, right now. I promise that I'm not completely going off on tangents with him though. His whole story will be important later on with Sirius and James. I feel bad for taking some attention off of Sirius, but I really like Al too and have big plans for him.

There are a few reasons why Dom has a sudden change in attitude. It isn't completely different and she isn't really hiding her true feelings or character around Amelia. In fact, it's quite the opposite. She's her true self around Amelia and only act nice around the people she doesn't really know. She is more fond of Amelia and has grown very attached to her and thus that might be what you mean by nice. But really she isn't a completely bad person, she just has a certain flare about her that she shows to her family more than others. It's kind of hard to explain now, but it will be explored more in chapters to come and her character, along with Amelia's will be developed a bit more.

As for James and Amelia, I can't really say right now (for plot reasons and for undecided reasons). I will admit that there is something there, but currently it's not going to go farther than friendship or at least tolerating one another. After all, James is only twelve and Amelia is eleven. So there won't be much romance there yet, if there is any at all later on. :)

Right now I'm playing it year by year. I have two endings worked out in my head and it could go either way all the way to the end almost. I have a lot of plans for the next few years, but some years might go faster than others. I have a lot of this planned out, but I'm also adding more as I go to make it more interesting and that is making it longer. I don't see it ending anytime soon, but I'm not too sure on the length or if it will end before or after Hogwarts, right now. It won't end this year or their next if that's what you are worried about...or not worried about. Haha

I am planning on doing a few other POVs, not too many and soon I'll probably return to Sirius and James mostly, but you should expect a few other point of views to jump in later on. For example, Teddy will actually be brought back in a future chapter soon, and I was thinking about doing Dom and Amelia's POVs eventually. Not really soon, but I've written a few scenes with their perspective. There are a few others, but I don't want to give them away yet. Overall, Sirius and James will be the focus now and Albus probably (no promises, because I like writing him) be more in the background for the time being. At least for a little bit.

I am currently editing some chapter between updates, but I'm glad that you noted that. Those actually probably bug me the most personally, just because I feel like I've should have caught them...I'm only human, but if they bug you, or if you just see them - please feel free to poke fun at me (it'll motivate me to change them after I finish crying). I have been changing them slowly though. Haha

Thank you so much for the detailed review and I hope to hear from you again! :) I'm glad that you follow my story and that you left me a review.

Thank you,

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