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Review:patronus_charm says:
The silly prank keeping me away from not knowing what happened to Lily, oh well Iím here now!

I was glad to see that Lily was okay, and even though she was in hospital it seemed as if she was going to recover. But not knowing James straight away made me anxious, and I was so glad that Lily turned to her rebellious side and went to look for him. Even though I know James couldnít have died, as he Harry hadnít even be born yet, I couldnít help but feel worried along with Lily when he was found to be in a dead like state.

Then when Lily started sobbing over James, ah it was horrible to see her like that. Good old Mrs Potter made everything okay again though, and promised that he was a fighter and would recover. I loved the cameo from Dumbledore there, I wasnít expecting him to turn up, yet his appearance was so fitting.

Yay itís okay well for now it is! It was so nice to see that all of her friends had made the effort to come and see her, and the way that they all wanted to see if she was ok, not just Belle, Alice and James. Belleís determined streak came out again with her having a got at the healer for wanting her to talk about what happened, it was so typical of her to stick up for Lily and make them realise things they were missing.

I thought the healer scene was great, though Iím no medical expert it all seemed pretty accurate to me. It was strange to see muggle medical terminology mixed into it, but it made it more accurate by doing so. The only other time Iíve seen it done is The Art of Breathing, and it worked really well there too. I canít wait to see more of this when Lilyís a healer.

The way James just threw a ton of questions at Dumbledore reminded me of Harry and when he questioned him! Yay the cat is saved though, I forgot about Butterscotch but Iím glad to see that she wasnít killed. Jamesí reaction to not knowing who apparated them there reminded me of Harry again, with the anger about not knowing, and the calm when he realises itís for the best that he doesnít know.

I liked the serious adult conversation, it just showed how seriously theyíre taking what happened. You can see how Olivia and William were Gryffindors. I think it was the bit about William wondering whether he should have a more active part in the Order, it made me smile as I know theyíre older than most of the members, yet they still want to help. Then Olivia thanking Dumbledore at the end was great too, it was just such a sincere moment.

I thought it was good that you showed Regulusí perspective of the aftermath rather than Bellatrixís. It was nice to get a more sane version of the Death Eater side, and see what repercussions Bellatrix was facing for letting them escape. I never thought about her getting tortured by Voldemort, but it was interesting to see that she wasnít always held so highly by him, and that she had fallen too. I almost forgot about Alrek in the drama of all of this, so it was nice to have a mention of him again.

Another excellent chapter Jami, and only one more to read and then Iíve finally caught up :D

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Kiana! I just responded to this review! What the heck! I must've hit cancel or something after I previewed. Rawr. Well, here we are for take two ;P. Your reviews are so lovely though, I can't say that I mind having a reason to read them again!

I LOVE combining medical and magical. It's one of my favorite things to slip in, I think. As much as I love all the cool things we see in the HP series, I do wish JKR would have done this a bit more. Though she did try and give Arthur stitches, so that's a plus :P. Despite these being magical, they're still human. If they fall in the right way and snap their neck, that's it. Just like if they get hit hard enough in the chest, it will cause internal bleeding and that's going to put too much pressure on the lung to handle. Going into that sort of thing, magic causing injuries but them still being injured the same way as a muggle, and sometimes that magic being able to fix it and other times not, is just something that I really enjoy. And now I feel like I've written an incredibly rambley paragraph :P haha. My fiance is in his last year of Med School right now though, so I always read back what I have to him to check for it's medical accuracy :P!

I'm so happy you liked James's attitude with the questions and getting all worked up. I thought of Harry a bit while writing that too :D!

Dumbledore will always be a huge challenge for me, so the fact that you like him makes me just want to attack you with hugs. In fact, I'm going to do just that!

ATTACK! See, look at all those hugs! :P

You're so right about what you said with Regulus!! I didn't realize that at the time, but that's exactly it! I needed to give a more sane perspective of what happened, and our poor Bella just doesn't do 'sane' well, haha!

Kiana your reviews have been such amazing treats. I still get terrified that people only review my story to be nice, and each time I read a review of yours this small part of my head goes, 'You know, I think she actually does like this story!' and then I'm on cloud nine for at least a day!

Thank you so much for stopping by ♥

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