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Review:patronus_charm says:
I was contemplating reading and reviewing this yesterday, but I thought the prank might take away the enjoyment, so I decided to wait a day!

I really liked the opening scene. Even though it was slightly strange to see James a little out of character by looking at the colours of the sky, I really enjoyed it, and it made me laugh to see him think about what Sirius would be saying about him. I liked the foreshadowing with James about him talking about how their lives were more finite and precious in Godricís Hollow. I was almost yelling at my laptop telling James to run while he can and not to trust Peter.

Iím glad you didnít choose to portray James as the perfect person, and that he was getting agitated about being cooped up all day, and how he was scared for Lily and Harry. A lot of people tend to gloss over than fear, and make him ready to battle Voldemort, but this was more fitting as it made James more real and human. I thought it was really sweet of him to be thinking about his friends and all of their troubles, while he was waiting to be killed. It just shows what a good person he is.

Then the transition into the happier moments was perfect. I always love seeing the family scenes of Lily, James and Harry. Baby Harry is simply adorable, and I can never get enough of him :í) Even when heís drooling heís cute in my mind. That whole scene was just so light hearted and lovely. It made me see how much Jamesí love for Lily really was carrying him on, like at the end he was close to getting angry, and then Lily calmed him.

It was interesting to see how Lily and James viewed the Sneth situation differently. Obviously Lily wasnít as keen on them, due to her having her own experiences with Snape and knowing what heís really like. Then James being more sympathetic and ready to charge into Dumbledoreís office and steal the memories. I was glad that Lily had a change of heart at the end and realised that Snape was different around Beth. I wonder if she was annoyed by that, and wished he was more like that to her? Hmm, Iíll guess weíll never know.

Another excellent chapter Rachel, and yay for loads of baby Harry!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Waiting a day was probably the best tactic. :D This was a fairly lighthearted chapter, but those word swaps would have made it downright goofy!

I'm glad that you appreciate that James isn't perfect, and he definitely isn't supposed to be -- none of these characters are, canon or not. Humans are very imperfect beings. And I know there's such a stigma against original characters being Mary Sues, but it should apply to canon characters, as well. Even Dumbledore had his share of faults and wrongs. Here, I can't imagine /not/ being scared in James's position, knowing that you're a very real target for the wrath of a terrifyingly powerful wizard.

Writing these Potter family scenes is so much fun -- I probably made Harry appear in this book more than was strictly necessary, but who can blame me, really? :3

I think Lily would have a hard time seeing past Snape for who she knows him to be, but in the end, like James, I do think she'd want Beth to be happy. And James makes it very clear that Snape does make her happy -- she changed a lot after his memories of her were erased. While I don't believe Lily harbored any jealousy over the romantic aspect of their relationship... it's very possible she misses him as a friend. He was the first person to introduce her to the wizarding world. But like you said, we'll never really know!

Thank you again for leaving a review, Kiana. ♥ I say it every week, but it really does mean a lot to me that you do take the time and review! The next chapter's going up as soon as I finish the two reviews after yours!

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