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Review:UnluckyStar57 says:
Yay, cookies!!

So, I should probably not be so amused by this chapter as I am, because it's kind of dark around the edges!!

You've put in so much juxtaposition between the creepily dark and the sickeningly light that it just makes my head spin... But in a good way, you know? :)

First of all, I pity Peony's finches. She kissed them? Those poor birds! If I were a bird, I would not wish to be kissed! However, Peony is that girl who trips along gaily, not noticing that she's left a burning village behind her. Silly child! She refuses to let go of her innocence, and that's what makes her so Mary Sue-ish. And so hilariously ridiculous!

Also... Lambie?!?!?! Is she schizophrenic?! I think she is, but there's no way of knowing for certain. She could also be bipolar, or suffering from dissociative identity disorder, or some crazy psychological disorder. Psychoanalysts would have a field day with her brand of craziness!!

The insult to Draco: Coconut conditioner? HAH! He's such a little poof! And he obviously has ulterior motives, bringing Peony to Madame Puddifoot's! Quite the little anti-gentleman, isn't he? :)

Madame Puddifoot's: A place of love, sickening love, the place where Peony should have been reunited with her one true love. But the juxataposition between the sickening pink and the horribly Death Eater-y clued me in to something fishy. Peony's innocence is about to be assaulted. Her knight in shining armour is really just a cad. An evil cad. I feel like the sugar quills are kind of a metaphor, but for what, I know not. They represent the innocence of sweet love that Peony used to feel, and now that they've been given away amidst a clamour of explosions, she turns into a harpy. Sad, sad child!

Aberforth: "Expecto Patronum, ya beastly lump o' pillow stuffing!" SUCH a tacky old man, with SUCH a brilliant insult! And he's given the story a twist! What will he ask for? He's like the Big Bad Wolf, conspiring with a jaded Red Riding Hood. It's things like these that make this Mary Sue, too-perfect-for-human-digestion story so awesome, on so many levels!

Anyways, I suppose I've rambled long enough! Happy Easter, and happy writing!!


Author's Response: Aw, it's okay to be amused by this chapter. If you're not, then I would consider it an epic failure on my part.

Yeah, I really liked that part about this story. Lambie was my favorite non-character brainstorm, hands down. She almost had her own character arc, but I didn't want the story to get any longer than it had to. And I did actually mean for Lambie to be magically infused by Peony's stepmother, so I really wasn't going for the psychoanalyst's dream here... though that works too. ;)

I loved playing with Draco too. Sometimes, I get annoyed that he even exists in this fandom. You can't blame a girl for working the pent up malice out of her system, can you?

Oh, I had such a wonderful time making Puddifoots into the wreck that it was. And yes, the sugar quills are symbolic. I'll leave you to take whatever you will from that. It's more fun that way. Haha! I loke your take on them anyway. It fits nicely with Peony's world-view, or rather, lack thereof.

Yeah, and Aberforth is such an underused character. More Aberforth fics!

Thanks so much for your thoughts on this chapter!


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