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Review:patronus_charm says:
I thought it was rather sweet to see that Minerva was taking care of Grimm. She neednít and if I was in that position I may have given into my evil side and forced him to be looked after the nurse, just so I could see their bitter hatred for one another appear. He didnít seem to appreciate the efforts much with him asking her what she was doing, and denying fainting. I suppose it was rather embarrassing for him, and I would probably do the same if I was in his situation.

Of course heís not going to die! It was just a bit of glass in his hand, and theyíre wizards so of course they could cure themselves. It was interesting that Minerva picked up on his anger towards Riddle, I didnít realise his dislike of him was so apparent. He did seem to pick up on his creepiness though, and you could see that he was only doing it out of good intentions as he obviously didnít want Minerva to go the same way as the other girls.

And her reaction too, was completely understandable. I always imagined her as a feminist so the way she reacts with anger about suggestions of her promiscuity are entirely accurate. At least Grimm picked up on it with his comment about her knowledge on jinxes.

I like how theyíve come to some sort of truce now. With Minerva repaying him for what he did for her with the headmaster theyíre on a level footing now. They both seemed to recognise that with Grimm asking her to get the bandages, and her obliging. It was a sweet moment to see that they can be nice to each other now and then, and there seem to respect one another now.

No go away Dolores! Grimm was probably about to reveal some secret which he had never told anyone about before, and you have to come along and accuse them of sneaking off together. I do like how youíve made a humorous character though, itís enjoyable to see. The way Minerva drew upon her screaming everywhere, and her justifying it by saying it was traumatic. It seems to suite her somehow, and itís nice to see she wasnít always evil.

I liked that almost altercation between Dolores and Minerva though. Of course Grimm would come and interfere and ask for his wand back. Those little moments seem to make a possible relationship between him and Minerva more realistic. At least Minerva managed to get rid of her, and told her off. Again, I can see where there hatred of one another later in life may have stemmed from.

Theyíre finally opening up to one another! I liked how we got to learn more about their respective families, and how they differed. It was really touching to see that Minerva was the only woman Grimm could stand beside his mother, I never imagined him to feel like that. Then him deciding to come and watch her play quidditch was again touching, and I canít wait for that scene.

Another excellent chapter!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: It's fantastic that you liked this chapter! It's one of my personal favourites, probably because it's the first time that we see into Grimm and Minerva's relationship. They're finally alone, and both of them (but especially Grimm) have set aside the masks they wear around others.

Minerva has always been an interesting character because although Rowling has made her a feminist, she also has a maternal side - which isn't a surprise because all of the "good" women in the Potterverse are maternal - and I've included it in Minerva's treatment of people like Myrtle and Hagrid. It also comes through when Grimm is in a state like this, though it's accompanied by the kind of exasperation she had with the Marauders and the Trio's antics.

It's interesting, that choice you say Minerva had to be cruel or kind to Grimm. The romantic in me wants to say that her kindness reveals a deeper feeling, but the practical side of me - the Minerva side, I could call it - says that she helps him because it needs doing and she happens to be available. It alludes to her work later on as a nurse during the war.

Grimm is a drama queen. He's so good at blowing things out of proportion, and because he's never been disciplined, he doesn't know to restrain his emotions. He's the wild, passionate one in contrast to Minerva's more stoic personality - it's another way that they're better together because their weaknesses and strengths balance out. :)

I'm glad to hear that Dolores doesn't sound evil - I always worry that my dislike of her character as an adult shows through too much. There's almost something pitiful about her in this story because, like Minerva, she doesn't belong in any particular "group". But Minerva seems to have more confidence in herself, or at least she can repress herself more, and refuses to show the world that she's lost or lonely. Dolores is a "louder" person and even the Slytherins dislike her, which is why, later on in life, she neither aligns with Voldemort nor the Order, but decides to take over the world on her own.

Oh no, I'm writing Umbridge's biography again. >< Someone has to write that story one day.

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this story! It's wonderful to read through your comments - they're wonderfully inspiring. ^_^

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