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Review:patronus_charm says:
Aw we get to start off with some Lily and James fluff! Of course he would be the gentlemen and try and pay for two rooms, but I agree with Lily it would have been silly. I loved her thoughts about her contemplating her relationship with James so far, they just seemed so natural and realistic. Itís nice to see that she thought it was too soon for declaring the Ďlí word, as I agree theyíve only been dating for a few months so it would have been a little strange.

So James is going to be on his good behaviour? I totally forgot that JK said that the four of them went to dinner until you mentioned it, so it was nice to see canon being included :) Poor Lily and Petunia they must have been so affected by their deaths. I can see why Petunia would act like that, of course you would want your parents to be alive again, and unbroken. If only they could be fixed so easily. And then for Lily to feel as if she could have done something to fix them. I really love how youíve made their relationship so complex, and it has so many different sides to it, it just makes it so much more realistic.

Aw poor Sirius, he must have felt so trapped to be someone who couldnít voice his own opinion. I loved that Olivia picked up on it, and told him that having a different view is fine; as Iím sure he really needed to hear it. Even though we usually see this outspoken version of Sirius I rather liked this more timid and it seemed to fit him a lot.

Yay! We finally got to meet Belleís parents! I could see that Belle was already a lot more confident just by the way she asked her mother to speak in English for Siriusí sake, I really liked this change in her, and it made me all happy! Ooh and their families are interconnected, that was a really cool idea, and it makes sense for pureblood families of that standing to know each other. If only they knew he was an outcast of the family!

Hahaha typical Sirius putting that charm on his hand! Even though itís the wrong pudding, I have to give her parents some credit for trying to make her favourite dessert. It does give me some hope that they may love her deep down. The way they put all the pictures back in her room, and the clothes almost makes it seem as if her room was kept as a shrine to her. It seems as if her parents still love her, just the old version of Belle, the one without the mistakes. It still is slightly strange that they went to all that effort though.

Wow this chapter just got even more brilliant with the appearance from Christophe! I had issues with him straight away, Sirius is not greasy itís Snape ok! Then him acting as if he didnít so anything wrong when he did, was just heart breaking to see and I really felt for Belle. At least Sirius came to her rescue, and he was just amazing! Then Christophe trying to fight back, but he could tell that he would be no match for Sirius. There was just so much drama with Belleís mother getting involved and shooting spells at Sirius, and Belle trying to reason with her. It was great!

That dinner just seemed so awkward. With Vernon lambasting James about not knowing what a ford it, and Petunia saying she wanted to start a family, and Lilyís thought which followed! I loved the bit about Vernon complaining about not having enough food, it just seemed so him, and I can imagine him being just like Dudley. Yay James, even though it made relations between Lily and Petunia even worse, at least he did what was right. Then the patronus at the end was great!

Alice is just so nice, the way she sacrificed her holiday with Frank to look after Belle was lovely. I can see why Belle wouldnít want to go back there though; I think a few days in a place like that was more than enough. I always imagined her as playing cupid, so it was cool to see her pop here. Then the kiss at the end was great, and a perfect way to finish the chapter.

The length was perfect Jami, and I think if you cut anything it wouldnít have been the same!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I'm so happy that you liked Lily's thoughts about their relationship. It think that they both sort of know what they feel, but knowing it and saying it are so different that it will definitely take some time to get there.

Ahhh the dinner with the group, or JKR saying it happened is one of the things I could just kiss her for. It was just something small she mentioned obviously, but it's what I've based most of the way I build Lily and Petunia's relationship around. Because she told us that, I knew they couldn't have despised one another to the point of no return, because they say eachother and Lily was invited to the wedding. Meaning I needed to create quite a bit of distance between them, but also give that tiny bit of hope at building a relationship again and regret at how badly it had gotten. So yeah, knowing there a dinner was just absolutely something I gobbled up from JKR. I'm rambling aren't I? I can't help it, your reviews are so awesome that I just want to keep chatting with you!

I'm so happy you like the idea of a once timid Sirius. I think that James's parents helping to build up his confidence is such a sweet thought, that I couldn't not include it ♥.

I really love what you said about her parents still loving a version of her. I don't know if they really now how to love her the right way, but I do think they love the idea of having their perfect daughter back and completing their family. Which, to them, is just the same as loving her.

Hahah I'm so happy you didn't mind the length! And I agree, cutting it wouldn't have worked. I figured anyone that had read this much of the story wasn't going to stop now because of a long chapter... but I still worried about it so I'm really pleased it didn't feel too long to you.

Thank you so much for your lovely, amazing reviews ♥ Happy Wednesday!

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