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Review:CherryBoom says:
Hi! I'm here for your requested review. =)

I like the premise of your story. I have read some werewolf stories about Teddy and Bill's & Fleur's daughters, but this promises to have fresh spin on things and I'm definitely intrigued. What I like the most is that you jumped straight into action in both chapters, and you still managed to give us plenty of back story in between action.

Considering that you emphasized that there shouldn't be any werewolves near the cabin according to wolves themselves, and that there was one waiting for her when she opened the door, it looks like it could be one of your subplots. =) I'm definitely intrigued about what brought this attack on her. Was it a chance? Or did she somehow get tangled in the werewolf pack's inner power struggle or something like that. And the big question of course is whether she knew the biter beforehand or not. =)

I guess I'm so used to linking Vic and Teddy together, that it took a while in this chapter to realize that you meant that Teddy was Dom's boyfriend. It's quite a fresh outlook, but at the same time I keep thinking that I want to know if you're fixing canon more to your liking, or if there's some kind of back story here as well.

The Weasleys were wonderful, but their grief was rather overwhelming considering that she's alive and seemingly well. After all, in canon Fleur is rather unfazed about Bill's injuries after similar attack during the war. It seems like one needs to get pretty badly bitten to get what ever causes lycantrophy to his/her veins. Of course maybe Bill's attack didn't occur on full moon, I guess that could mean significant difference with an outcome of becoming werewolf, but Fleur certainly didn't know it at the time. So I'm inclined to believe that Dom might not be yet fully aware of what kind of damage werewolf attack caused to her besides probable moon craze.

I do like your main character, especially since she overcame her fear of werewolves and took on that assignment while knowing risks. Her tendency to distance herself from other people when she's hurt is interesting, although I would definitely feel such commotion bit smothering as well. I'm hoping that she won't mourn over spilled milk long, and uses her Ravenclaw wit to figuring out why she was attacked.

The Weasleys were quite loving family, but Teddy's comment about "going through phase" rubbed me bit wrong. Maybe he doesn't get how much Dom fears werewolves? You know what I was thinking? I thought when I read about Teddy's reaction, that he must be a former Hufflepuff. Kind, loyal, but not very assertive. Well, that's how he comes across to me at the moment. =P

I hope that although Fleur and Vic fled Dom's room, that they would return and be stronger and more supportive when Dom starts to recuperate. In canon Fleur especially has that inner strength that I'm hoping you will show us more in next chapters.

I like your writing style, it flows very naturally and is easy to read. I'm quite interested in reading more of this story. I can see many possible ways to continue it, and it will be interesting to see where you will lead us eventually. Excellent start for a fic! =)

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing!

I am glad you like the premise. I am trying to make it as original as I can, so I hope you like it further too.

Why the wolf attacked, whether he knew her or not, all those questions will be answered in chapters 4 and/or 5 =) I hope you'll be satisfied.

I have always wanted Teddy & Dom to be together so I did that here. There's a flashback in chapter 3 that clears up things about how they came to be =)

Aha you're spot on! No one has speculated on why Fleur was crying so much - that there might be some further damage which Dom doesn't know about yet - but I am pleased you kind of are on its trail. I shall reveal it in chapter 4! The first three chapters are kind of a build up as the main stuff starts from chapter 4 =)

Don't worry, Dom is still in shock but she's going to recover soon, and get to figuring things out. As I said, chapter 4 is the one to answer your questions :D

Haha yes Teddy could be a Hufflepuff. I see him as this calm, collected, laid back person. Not very assertive indeed.

Fleur and Vic are going to help Dom soon, don't worry. You'll see their inner strength soon.

I am glad you liked my writing style and found this easy to read. I am excited about what you'd think of future chapters - especially chapter 4 onwards, so i'll be re-requesting!

Thanks a ton!

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