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Review:MargaretLane says:
Love the teachery comment about how her students couldn't care less. Sounds pretty typical.

*sympathises with her* Teaching can be SO hard on your self-esteem sometimes. You can't see what other teachers are doing, so it's very easy to start thinking they're all doing better than you and have less problems.

One thing that occurred to me is wouldn't Snape have been about 21 or 22 when he became Potions Master. If he was applying for the job when Harry was a year old and he's the same age as James and Lily, who were only 20 when Harry was born? Of course, with all the trials and all, it may have been a bit later he actually got the job and I'm being very nitpicky here anyway, but I did expect her to be younger when it said she was the youngest teacher in 300 years.

Really like the idea that her parents weren't completely sold on the idea. I think most parents would have doubts, so it's good to see that acknowledged.

How could she even get INTO a Muggle university with no qualifications? I have heard that English universities don't focus as entirely on A-level results as ours do (well, as ours do on the Leaving Cert., since we don't do A-levels), but I'd still imagine they'd require a little more than an 11 year old grasp of maths and literacy.

Love the way you use Cedric and his death to establish her age and when this story is set. It's a very natural way of doing it and if she's Cedric's age, more or less and is now 25, that means we're about 5 years after the war.

Is she meant to be exaggerating about Voldemort trying to take over the world? I guess it's vague in canon, but there really isn't any evidence he tried to take over any more than Britain. Of course, he was only in power a year and may have planned to take over more countries later on, but still, it was the British Ministry he seized control of.

And, gosh, I'm oblivious. I didn't even make the connection between her being a Muggleborn and how she'd experience Voldemort's reign.

Really like the idea of exploring how an ordinary person might have experienced his time in power anyway, but making her a Muggleborn makes it even better.

Like the way she calls Umbridge a troll of a woman.

Author's Response: Thanks for the gave me lots to think about!

Firstly, I facepalmed when I read your comment about the Snape thing. How could I have forgotten about him? Gah! I mean, he would have been 21 or 22 when he started teaching, and Emily was 23 (remember that at this point in the story she's been teaching for nearly two years) so it's actually pretty close, but still, I can't believe I missed that. HOWEVER it has caused me to do a bit of creative thinking and the result of which is that I now have a little mini plot point relating to Snape that will make an appearance later on in the story, and I'm actually kind of excited about it. So thank you for pointing that out because it's actually helped the development of the plot! :)

You are definitely right about the Muggle university thing, but if you have another look at the chapter, you'll notice that the uni thing is Emily's parent's suggestion and her comment is that 'it was never an option', and whilst she gives the specific reason of not wanting to live without magic, that overarching statement also refers to the idea that muggle university would not interest Emily, would be difficult for her to get in to etc. Maybe I was being too subtle? I dunno. The purpose of that sentence though, is to show how separated Emily's life has become from the life of her parents, and their unwillingness to completely accept magic as her life now. Although, I reckon wizards could find a way to go to a muggle university if they really wanted (though I doubt that many of them would).

I have always believed it was Voldy's intention to take over the world. I mean the guy was a power hungry psychopath who believed in the superiority of magical people over muggles. I seriously doubt he intended to stop once he'd taken over Britain. Yes, Emily is certainly being hyperbolic here, but exaggeration is often steeped in truth.

I'm glad you liked the Cedric thing, I thought he was a good anchor, because I think anchoring an OC to canon is important in fanfic (otherwise you may as well just be writing an original fic...In my opinion anyway), but sometimes I get a bit sick of the anchoring always involving the trio or their children in some way.

Thanks again for your review, I'm terribly passionate about this fic, because it's causing me to think about my fanfic writing in a whole new way, and I love that! I hope you'll keep reading, and I love the CC, as was proven by the snape thing, it can be incredibly useful!

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