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Review:Siriusly89 says:

I can not tell you how much I love you right at this moment! Speedy updates are right up there on my list of favourite things, along with chocolate and Seamus!

Aah, Edie once again works in a seedy establishment, except this one is new and improved, with more cobwebs and a deaf landlady! And Rita Skeeter managed to worm her way back into journalism? That little bug (geddit? Bug? Because shes a beetle? No?)

Simon sounds like me in man squib form! I too would have a panic attack if I lost my parakeet in my flat. And I love the part where he never misses an opportunity to hit on Edie, even when he is badgering her to pay her late rent.

Simon, I salute you.

I loved the little dig at Rose! We all know girls like that, you know the ones who are already planning their wedding when they’ve only been out with a guy once. Or the ones who profess their love even though they’ve just met the bloke.. . . . . they get on my nerves. . . . .

Oh Edie, such a classy girl. Could you not have, oh I don’t know, left the loo before answering your phone/mirror? And Olivers response, just so awkward and funny. . . .ah. . . .

Does Edie not realise that one day she’s going to have to tell Oliver the whole truth, and that he’s going to be really annoyed. Although I am hoping for this novel to be different and for Edie and Oliver to fight for some really mental reason! Like, I don’t know, Dean/Jae/Simon/all three bursting in at a really crucial moment and professing their love for Edie, to which Oliver gets really annoyed (as the attention is not on him) and he flounces out rather dramatically, leaving Edie free to date Dean! (Seamus is mine, if Edie so much as tries to steal my man, things are going to get ugly. Just telling you now)

Although that would make an interesting plot twist!

So many ship possibilities! Will it be Edie/Oliver, Edie/Dean, Edie/Jae, Edie/Simon, Edie/ Seamus, Edie/Justin (it could happen!)

Edie fangirling all over Amelia Jones was so funny! Yeah Edie, just gatecrash Olivers practice, that wouldn’t be odd at all! Although for Edie, that would be considered relatively normal. . . . .

Scrubbing toilets for self-realisation. . . .where do you come up with this stuff! *laughs uncontrollably*

The photograph! Eeeep! I hate the ground Oliver walks on, but it was so romantic! Just like something out of a romance novel, and lets face it, Edie needs some happy in her life, and if Oliver makes her happy, I’m okay with it (for now, but I still expect the whole ‘Dean saves the day’ thing and then they elope and live in the Bahamas.)

Seamus’ passwords. . . . oh that boy . . . . I probably can’t type them here with the whole ‘keep it 12+’ rule, but they were pure genius. GENIUS I SAY!

Simon’s howler! So funny and then at the end ‘MY OFFER FOR A DRINK STILL STANDS’. Yeah, because the girl you just evicted will totally want to go out on a date with you. Not. But you can’t blame a guy for trying, and that is why I am now a ‘Dedie’ and a ‘Sidie’ shipper. Oh yes, they now have names.

Poor Edie. I feel like breaking out the violins at this point, because the poor girl has to go live with an engaged couple (who won’t want her there, I don’t care how nice a person Lisa is, Justin will not be impressed) and one of them (ahem, Justin) enjoys roaming around starkers. Nice. Really nice.

Another wonderfully wonderful chapter, sorry for the incredibly long, ramble-y review (I’ve been working on the new and improved length!)

DEDIE AND SIDIE FOREAR! You didn't even have to ask that question, ship that is completely off the wall and won't work? Mine!

Update soon! ♥

Author's Response: SUPER-LONG REVIEW WHOA! :D Thanks so much!

Simon was inspired by my friend's landlord. I've never met him, but he sounds hilarious. And I named him Simon in this story because I couldn't picture anybody but Simon Pegg in that scene! xD

Well, I certainly know in *my* mind that Edie will have to come out with everything. She's probably so in denial and so confused about what just happend to the way she feels about Oliver (honestly, she loathed the guy just last week) that she's putting it out of her mind. Although your 'ship possibilities are very interesting! xD I can tell you right now that there will absolutely not be any Edie/Seamus. Rest assured ;3

Bahaha Sidie. Sounds like spidey, yes? That's funny. It was never my intention to include him in the story. Originally I had just written him as "my landlord" and not gone into detail about being a Squib, and Peony. But I hate doing that! I love the opportunity to explore super-minor roles. Thus Simon was born. I dunno if he'll have another appearance in the story--we will see!

I churned out the entire next chapter in my coffee-induced craze yesterday. But the ending is awful. Like, horrible. So I'm going to do some tweaking and then hopefully will post within a week!

Thanks so much! ♥

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