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Review:Aphoride says:
Hey there! Grabbed a chance to get to this since I've found myself with a spot of free time ;) You know, it's kinda odd that we've been paired up, both with fairly angst-heavy one-shots, revolving around the Blacks, lol. Coincidence... but a fun one.

I love how you wrote Sirius. I've always thought of him being very disturbed, particularly after Azkaban, and I just love the idea that he still missed Regulus, in a way, when he was an adult and out of Azkaban and looking after Harry - they were brothers, after all, so that would mean something. You really delved into their relationship - at least on Sirius' side - in this without doing much at all. The letter was almost heart-breaking in the fact that Sirius himself knows it's stupid to writing to his dead baby brother but he can't stop, for whatever reason. He just keeps writing. It's really bittersweet gesture, because Regulus is never going to know about it, but Sirius is still doing it - maybe, in a way, part of the reason he's doing it is because Regulus will never know and never reply? But, that's just a thought...

I really get Molly's confusion, as well, and all her emotions running throughout this: the tiredness from working so hard to upkeep the house, the annoyance with Kreacher, the curiosity about the noise, the belief that it's Fred and George, the guilty want to find out what Sirius is doing, the guilt when he finds out, and then the grief at the end when she thinks back on the letters and Sirius and Regulus. You portray them so well... I honestly have no idea how you do it, but it's lovely.

I loved the ending, as well. Maybe you could have ended it before, but I think it sort of rounded it off. In a way, it was the saddest bit, because there's this kind of sense that everything just carries on, you know? Molly carries on working, saying nothing, and Sirius carries on writing and life... life just goes on.

Gah, this was lovely - I totally understand why you were pleased with the result, and you really, really should be! It's completely bittersweet, and manages to be touching and sad at the same time without either one of them being overdone, you know.

Plus, the banner is gorgeous :) Why this doesn't have more reviews, I do not know.

Aph xx

Author's Response: Hi, Laura! ♥ I'm sorry that it's taken me a little while to respond to this -- it's a combination of real-life stresses and my unavoidably large lazy streak. :D But thank you for reviewing this for me!

I know that I just said this in a review response to Sarah, but I feel in some way that the letters Sirius is writing to Regulus are not only a result of some grief he holds for his brother's death, but a diary-like way to understand it. It's a compulsion for him because I think he wants so much to hate his brother, and yet... he can't. I do agree that he continues to write in part because he knows he's never going to get an answer. He never intends for anyone else to ever read those letters, and so he feels he can say what he wants in them.

Canon voice just sticks in my head... if that makes any sense. :P I think a lot of it is because my entire family loved Harry Potter, and we grew up listening to the audiobooks in the car on long trips (along with reading them and getting every Potter-related thing for Christmases and birthdays!). I have a pretty good memory and can recite whole passages from the books because I've heard them spoken aloud so often. Which makes it easier for me to call up the canon voices when I need to use them in writing!

I could have ended it before that small bit at the dinner table, and I nearly did, but I wanted people to see that Molly did feel bad for snooping at Sirius's letters -- and that he meant for her to feel bad. Sirius is such a tormented man, poor thing.

hedwidgeon makes the BEST banners! I can't stop requesting from her. I'm glad you liked it too! ♥ Thank you so much for reading this, and again, I'm glad we got to exchange this month. Hope to see you around quite soon!

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