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Review:patronus_charm says:
Rachel I just your last review response! I would love it if you posted all of the chapters, but then I would have nothing to look forward to on a Sunday ;D Anyway on with the review!

Yay itís Snape again, Iíve missed him in Breaking Even, though it would be a bit odd if he kept on cropping up in this story! I liked his observations of Narcissa, and her ghost like character. I always imagined she would be like that, because I always thought if someone married a pureblood like Lucius they wouldnít be allowed to develop their character that much, so I liked your portrayal of her here.

I was laughing with Snape! Itís funny to see how they all viewed him as extremely loyal to the dark lord, and that he would never sway his loyalty. You could see that by how Lucius invited him over for dinner. Then thereís me and Snape chuckling away at how they donít realise what heís really up to. I think a lot of people underestimate the amount of courage it took Snape to do what he did, and Iím really glad youíre showing it here, because I do believe he is a good person.

Haha the mention of baby Draco made me laugh! Iíve never read stories where heís a baby, and even though it was a brief mention I really liked it. I can imagine him being a fussy baby, and I would have loved to have seen a scene where Snape is forced to hold, I doubt he would be to happy doing that.

Ooh Snape picked up on what I mentioned earlier, about how not many people knew what danger he went through. I never imagined Lucius to be particularly brave, so I doubt he would ever face the danger Snape had to, as he would just run away. I liked learning more about what the Death Eaters were about to, though it isnít pleasant what they do, itís interesting to see the reasoning behind why they do it.

It didnít connect in my head when you said Calvin Bridger the first time, it was only when Lucius had to repeat it, that I realised it was Bethís dad! Ah! Snapeís reaction though! It was perfect! The way he started to get all hot and flustered, and his determination to try and recall who she was! There is still hope there, well I say that every chapter, but it seems to get dashed a lot!

He noticed the bracelet! Then his mysterious head ache! Wah Snapeís memories are sort of coming back! Itís so exciting! Then with Beth knowing where they are stored! I can sense something big is about to happen, and Iíve already got my theories developing about how Beth is going to restore the memories, and save Snape, and then thereíll be more Sneth memories to enjoy! I should stop rambling and get back to the review, as I got a little too over-excited!

Now Lucius is getting suspicious! I suppose Snape is odd, so hopefully that will disguise his true purpose in his interest in Beth, otherwise it may get a little dangerous for both him and Beth. Snape does overtake him in the rankings in the second war at least!

Then the ending *squeals excitedly*! Snape is going to do something about Beth! I was worried that it would take at least until chapter 10-12 for him to realise whatís really going on, but we get it in chapter 6 so yay! He seems so lost without her, and I really hope that he finds her soon, so he doesnít have to continue walking aimlessly in the rain!

Sorry this review rambled on a lot, I had a lot of Sneth thoughts and that was the only way to get them out! Another excellent chapter though!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: If I posted all the chapters in one go, I wouldn't have anything to look forward to on Sunday, either! It's such a big part of my day, which is a little sad. :P But there you have it.

I haven't got the chance to write a lot about Narcissa in my time here, but I have a pretty good idea about how she's supposed to be; I'm glad that was in conjunction with how you see her, too. And the Malfoys just have no idea what Snape's really up to! It sort of blows my mind when I look back at the series and realize just how many people Snape was able to fool. Including VOLDEMORT. That man is a master of everything.

This isn't the last time we'll see Calvin Bridger in this story. ;) I know I keep saying that, but I'm far enough ahead in writing this story that I really do know what's in store for you all! Just keep watching, and know that you're picking up on all the right things to catch them in further plot developments. I can't say too much more on that subject, though! ♥

Remember in ITR, how I said the bracelet was going to be important? :3 It wasn't just a throw-away plot bit for Beth's birthday! I'm getting to the point in my writing schedule where I'm writing the BIG scenes for this book and I'm dying of anticipation. It's going to get to the point where I won't write anything but Sneth for WEEKS -- it'll be that huge!

Rambling is always appreciated. ♥ And I feel so, so terrible for making you wait for responses, anyway, so I'm not about to be hypocritical and criticise the nonexistent flaws in these lovely reviews of yours. ♥ You really don't know just HOW much it means to me to have such a dedicated and consistent and thoughtful reviewer, Kiana!

Thank you!!

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