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Review:patronus_charm says:
She referred to James as her boyfriend *squeals excitedly*, I donít know whether this beats their first kiss, but it certainly ranks up there on the James and Lily classic moments list! Then the way they were both packing together and helping each other out, it was so cute and couplely! I agree with Lily I am not ok with Jamesí nickname for Butterscotch, scotch just does not sound cute and cat like!

Aw poor Lily falling over in front of everyone! I loved how Alice cooed at her though, it just seem to suite her! Then her throwing snowballs at James and Sirius was great, they deserved after sort of laughing at her! Iím surprised that McGonagall wasnít sterner, but she does have a soft spot for those Marauders, so of course she wasnít going to get them into trouble when it was Christmas.

Yay Albus and Minerva time! Again their characterisation was great with McGonagall being the worrier of the two, and then Albus was just being like chill Minerva everything will be fine. It has put me more at ease knowing that Dorcas and Edgar will be at the wedding too, but then they both die at the hands of Death Eaters so perhaps this is an ominous sign?

I liked the brief bit about Lily being in a Head Girl mode, she really does make a good one, showing how much care she puts into her job. I really liked how much Butterscotch keeps on popping up. In some stories Iíve read a character has a pet but it only appears once, and Iím just sitting like what has it died or run away, but itís not the case with Butterscotch. I donít really know how itís relevant but it seemed important to me when writing it ;D

Of course the Marauders would have a Christmas prank! I thought it was sweet that the whole group was invited, and it made me want to join with all of the festivities as it sounded fun! Aliceís parents didnít sound that much fun though, not wanting to go to the Potters party! I spotted a minor typo here Ė Ďlack of lamb,í I think you meant rack :)

So theyíre actually going to France then? I canít wait for that part; itís going to be so exciting. I dread to think how Sirius is going to be though, heís probably going to let his temper get ahead of him and make it awkward for Belle and her parents. More mentions about Aliceís parents though, they do sound rather cold and unfriendly, I wonder if we get to meet, because it would be cool to see whether theyíre as horrible in real life.

And double yay another flashback! I know this sounds mean, but I never imagined Petunia having any friends, so it was nice to see that she had one here. I guess she wouldnít have a reason to hate them, so thatís why she could be friends. Oh wait, I remember she had a friend called Yvonne who was mentioned in the books, so I guess she is capable of having one then.

I didnít expect that twist with Matti though. There she was being nice to Lily, then rounds on Petunia and then Lily sticking up for Petunia, then Matti shouting and swearing some more, and then for to be finally kicked out of the house! Wow it was a very action packed flashback. I really liked it though as we got to learn more about Petuniaís character. I do feel rather sorry for her, because of this jealously she feels for her sister, and not being able to contain, which makes her isolated in her family, then losing her friend because of it too, which makes her even more isolated. I spotted another typo here Ė Ďthe girl finally spit,í I think it should be spat :)

Aw Butterscotch fell asleep on Sirius that must have been a cute scene! Ooh that brief hint about that big fight with Petunia got me intrigued, I canít wait to find out what it was as Iím sure it was explosive. Poor old Petunia though losing her only friend, it does make me sorry for her. It makes me wonder if she was magical too, would she have been any nicer or not. At least Lily gets to spend Christmas with people who are actually nice though!

Another excellent chapter Jami! I felt like I was rambling a lot in this review, so sorry if it doesnít make any sense!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I've come to my last un-responded review of yours ;(. Ohh I've had so much fun reading back through these this evening!

I really enjoyed writing this chapter. Both the starting out scenes, which was a bit lighter and more fun than lately, and switching into McGongall and Albus and getting to explore their worry and play with them a bit. I'm slowly but surely getting less intimidated while writing them.

I really don't like when stories have a pet then you never see it again, so I'm always being careful to include our little guy in this. And I'm happy you mentioned it, because I love when people notice those really small details like that, and not much do. Ahh you're so awesome ♥

Haha it seems so fitting for the Marauders to have a Christmas prank, doesn't it? :P We do get to see Alice's parents! And they're not really horrible so much as uninterested. They have their lives, and their daughter is sort of just there. THey aren't the kind of parents as James's, but they're far from any sort of parents like Sirius or Belle's... if that makes sense!

And thank you for pointing out the typo! I'll go fix that right now :)!

I really like exploring petunia and Lily's relationship. I think Petunia would have been incredibly afraid of her friend liking Lily more than her, but she doesn't understand that what she did just drove her friend away. Being a younger sister, I remember when my older sisters friends would be nice to me and stuff and my sister would always get irritated. But that's just normal older sister stuff. With this, Petunia can't handle the idea of one of her friends liking Lily, and that just sets her over the edge and gives her more of a reason to hate Lily. Poor girl :(

No! It all made perfect sense! I love your long detailed reviews, there always so much fun to respond to, and getting to know what you were feeling throughout the chapter is such an awesome treat!

Thank you!!

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