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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hello there Iím here with your requested review!

So we back to Edie on her mission how exciting! Haha so weíre already thrown into the drama with her having to get the drinks, then spotting Wood, then Rose jumping out of her chair, I knew this chapter was going to be a good one! Thank god Edieís a good liar because Rose would be on the warpath!

He asked to see Edie! Aw how cute! No Rose, how could you say she had diarrhoea! Thatís just mean, and embarrassing, Oliverís going to find her even weirder now! Poor Wood I agree he did act very awkwardly. Yay Edie though, she should become a professional prankster it would be a much better job than having to work with Rose, at least she got her chance at revenge though.

I liked their conversation it seemed as if they got closer. Oliver speaking his dad in the past tense made me wonder about him as well. Then Edie announcing she watches quidditch, and Oliverís shock about that was great.

Hahaha and we meet Edieís brothers, they seem just like her being all lively and loud. I really liked Liam and the way he was such an enthusiastic quidditch fan. I liked how they all had names which began with the letter l, the alliteration seemed to suite them. Even though Edie doesnít want children I think she would make a great mum and it would be fun to have her as one, because she seems as if she would always be up for a laugh.

A brief thing you werenít consistent in capitalising the m of mum, so itís probably best to keep it all lower or all upper case.

They ended up in a strip club? I never would have expected that! I agree with Edie those three words would make me give all my feminist beliefs too! Haha I agree the brothers are definitely spirited, and the way the stripper was offering a dance to Edie, poor her! This day just keeps on getting stranger and stranger for her! Luckily she managed to get out of it, though it would have been funny to have seen her reaction to it.

Wood tells Edie not to smoke when heís drunk out of his mind, talk about double standards! I did feel bad for Edie having to see her brother get a lap dance that must have been awkward! Then her slapping Oliver, he did deserve it but he seemed so pitiful after wards!

Another great chapter!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Yay, thanks so much!

I couldn't just let Rose NOT embarrass Edie. She knew that Edie couldn't reveal herself, so she took advantage of it because she's just that spiteful. Edie was feeling spiteful too, and Rose got SOME comeuppance, at least.

Yez, Oliver was indeed trying to ask Edie out for a pint. But his awkward tendencies, and the whole issue of her being a "professional journalist," made him all tongue-tied.

Liam is totally my favorite too. I just imagine him as this really serious kid who's horribly socially undeveloped because of it. But then he gets around his brothers and that mischievous side comes out too. I know Edie's not allowed to pick favorites, but I am ;D

So the Mum thing. My grammar skills are escaping me right now, but I thought that if you were saying "my mom" or "my mum" you wouldn't capitalize it. But if you're saying "Hey, Mum" because most people wouldn't call parents by first name, then it is capitalized? Because to them, Mum is a nick-name and thus a name? Right? I think? Maybeee?

OMG I hadn't even thought about that. Oliver telling Edie not to smoke while he's completely blitzed. Hmmm. An interesting double-standard indeed...

I know, I totally don't think she should have hit him. Even if he was being a jerk. :P

Thank you so much!! ♥

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