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Review:Val says:

I don't think I've ever told you exactly how much I like Lisa. She's collected, she's nice, she's modest, she's even pretty -- basically, she's perfect, but she doesn't realise it. She's also Edie's polar opposite, which I find makes their scenes together even more fun.

Deamusdie (because, admit it, it looks grammatically interesting) action, heehee. I'd missed that.

I cannot believe Edie referred to Lisa as a particularly scrumptious-looking, dead weasel. She really is a petty human being, isn't she? Particularly when this was supposed to be a compliment...

Hmm. Out of curiosity, how does Edie know Fleur? Is it because Fleur would be a famous Weasley after the war or are there other reasons that are relevant to the story?

HERE COMES OLIVER. Here come Edie's troubles too, hooray!

don't know a good beer from a broomstick Well, I'd like to see you fly on a can of beer or try to drink a broomstick. I wonder which one would be most painful!

I've just had a lovely mental image of Oliver Wood singing I Will Always Love You, bahaha. That and the centaur in Belize are going to follow me for life.

HAHAHAHA "I think you're in the wrong loo!"

Oliver drunk, I'll say it again, makes my entire day.

After this first kiss, I've got to say my expectations for the awkwardness of the next one are high. I hope there's a lot of nose and teeth bumping, and a lot of stammering.

I like the way Rose and Edie are so different. I wonder how Edie can ever have thought that they were something close to friends -- those two are like night and day. Knowing what happens further on, it's no surprise Edie can't stand Rose at all.


Author's Response: YOU SNEAKY THING YOU! hahahaha. ♥

I'm glad that you like Lisa. I know she seems too perfect but I swear she REALLY IS BASED OFF OF A REAL PERSON I KNOW WHOSE LIFE IS SO STUPIDLY PERFECT IT DRIVES ME INSANE. I do want her to have faults, though--one of them being that she's a bit of a pushover, another that she puts Justin above almost everything else in her life. Of course the person I know IRL is even more perfect in that neither of these weaknesses apply to her ;P

Deamusedie, hahaha. What about Deamudie? It rolls of the tongue quite nicely...

I think Edie would remember her from the Tri-Wizard Tournament. I also imagine Fleur to be this pop-culture celebrity in a Princess of Wales kind of way. She's beautiful and thin and famous for the "right reasons." (I'm not even going to get into that.) But I'd imagine that she's a bit of a celebrity at this point.

It's funny, at the time I was writing this chapter, I was actually decent friends with the girl who inspired Rose. haha. I think that L. turning crazy IRL inspired a lot of Rose's character--I never intended her to be so malicious and spiteful. But now that she is I love her so much more! :D

Thanks again so much! And I haven't forgotten your review, I promise! ♥

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