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Review:patronus_charm says:
Yay itís the long awaited party! I find it insanely cute that Grimm invited Moody, it seems as if thereís a little bromance developing between the two! I guess anyone would need the drinks if they had to spend the whole evening with Dolores Umbridge, as I canít imagine that would be pleasant. Well, to be fair, Grimm should have manned up and asked Minerva instead of playing all of these games!

Hahaha so Dolores has become a girly girl! She was one anyway with the excessive amounts of pink she wore, but now sheís turned into one in the way she acts too. It seems to suite her for some reason, and the way she was fawning over poor old Grimm, who clearly wanted to be in the furthest place possible from her. Then subtly insulting her to boot! I always thought he was a nice person, but then again, annoying people can make you do things out of character.

Iíll say it now because otherwise Iíll forget, but there seems to be a slight formatting issue with this chapter because every paragraph seems to be indented by quite a bit. It just proved a little distracting at times so I thought I would point it out :)

YOU MENTIONED AUSTEN! Ok I already thought this was story was amazing, then bringing Jane Austen into it just brings up to a whole new level, and the fact it was Grimm who mentioned it, does this mean heís read it? His comparison of the world of Austen to the current one he was in was very accurate, and I can imagine the delicate diplomacy one would have to carry out at both.

Ok this chapter made me a little excited, and I was going to calm down, then you threw in Grimm catching sight of Minerva and it made me have fuzzy feelings again! I can imagine the transformation Grimm must have seen though, she doesnít seem like the one to dress up or down much just always remain uniform, and I suppose thatís why she created such excitement by wearing a dress. Then the way she started to blush when she noticed Grimm was staring at her was great!

I liked the brief mention of Tom and Minerva being a couple, however unlikely it may be for some, I still agree with Grimm that they would make a great couple, and they rank second alone to Minerva and Grimm. WAHAHA! OK! THIS CHAPTER IS AMAZING! SHE ASKED HIM TO DANCE! Stop writing such exciting stuff, itís getting overwhelming! It was so Minerva though of course she would be the one to ask him! The dance was just perfect, and I loved the interaction between them, especially Minerva whispering to him at the end!

Sorry Grimm but however great this opportunity is, I am not allowing you to take it on behalf of Minerva. Canada is too far away, and itís Montreal so heíll have to learn French, and I canít imagine that Grimm would be an enthusiastic language learner! Stay in England or Scotland if you want. Well I know he does anyway because of The Fires Within but I donít about the interlude between now and then. So he may disappear.

I really liked how you related to the historical events of the muggle world. It makes sense in my head for wizards to have played some part in muggle history, especially the world wars. And for the pureblood families like the Selwyns to be with Grindelwald makes sense again.

I donít know whether I should be happy or not. I mean Minervaís dancing with Tom, and I love that pairing so it made me excited, but to see how downtrodden Grimm was at seeing them made my heart ache for him. He was finally fighting for her with the feeling of jealously then snapping the glass, and then he goes and faints on us, even if Minerva comes to the rescue! Honestly, this man!

Another amazing chapter and I think this has to be the best so far!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: This is a huge review, wow! I never thought any of these chapters could get so much feedback at once - thank you for taking the time to not just read, but be so detailed in your review. I'll apologize ahead of time for not being able to sufficiently respond - I'll try my best to come up with something, though.

There is indeed a bromance - Moody is the only person Grimm feels comfortable around because Moody is, in spite of his eccentricities, pretty laid back and undemanding. They also think in much the same way, so they're often in harmony with one another, making for a safe friendship - they don't judge one another, and for both of them, that's important.

With Dolores, I like the idea of her being able to successfully act out femininity, and she takes that act to its extreme. It sets her apart from someone like Minerva, who really doesn't care how "feminine" she is. Dolores uses femininity as a weapon, or at least a tool to achieve her ends - she has considerable intelligence, which she later uses to climb the ranks at the Ministry, but she's been trained to view marriage as her path to power. She hasn't come to that point where marriage is no longer an option - or rather no longer something she wants because it would mean sharing her power and herself. At this moment, though, she is even willing to marry a half-blood. My headcanon is that her family has lost its wealth, descended from the Selwyns, but due to poor management and bad breeding, they no longer have any social clout. She then spends her life trying to regain that power, even if it's only for herself in the end - this is one reason why she is so eager to possess the locket, a symbol of the heritage she desperately wants to connect with.

Oh dear. Where did that come from? If I could be sure that people would actually read a novel about Umbridge's life and struggles, I could now write it. :P

The funny thing about Tom and Minerva is that they would make a good-looking couple, as though they'd stepped out of Hollywood. It's interesting that Grimm's jealousy is based on appearances and his own lack of confidence in his own appearance. He's really a very average-looking southern English boy, and when he compares himself to Moody or Riddle, he knows how much he comes up short. I like the idea of writing about a boy's body image issues, though I didn't get into it as much as I would have liked. Grimm doesn't like himself, and while he puts on this outward image of joking arrogance, it's only an act to hide his painful insecurity.

What do you mean "learn French"? I can assure you that Grimm already knows it - not very well, and certainly not Quebecois francais, but he wouldn't have to worry about learning it (anyway, Montreal is fairly bilingual).

Thank you again for reading and reviewing this chapter! It makes me smile each time to read your reviews because you pick up on all the interesting little things, leading me to write novels about minor characters and also think through the major characters. It's a wonderful help! ^_^

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