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Review:patronus_charm says:
I found some spare time, so I couldnít think of a better way to spend it then review another chapter!

I think Lilyís detentions with Pomfrey kind of had to end if she was looking forward to them, I mean they werenít even a punishment anymore! I liked seeing Lily the Healer emerge again with her making a pepper up potion! I forgot how good she was at making them, so this is a sure sign that she would make an excellent one! I forget that there would be a Healer school like there is a medical school and that was a really cool idea, and I hope the story gets far enough for us to see Lily there!

Poor old Remus, he just canít stay out of the Hospital Wing can he? Of course he would have to end up in there for another reason other than his furry little problem ;D An orphaned hippogriff though? I would never have thought that they would be so dangerous! Remus was so true to himself by not wanting to get Hagrid into trouble, and it was nice to see a happier outcome to a hippogriff attack.

Lol my bad! I guess I donít have as good deduction skills as Lily has! It was nice to get some Lily and Remus friendship fuzzies, and for one fleeting moment when she kissed him I shipped them, then I knew that could never happen and went back to Lily and James! Those two really are good friends though, and you could tell how Remus didnít want to hurt her former friend, and she had to end up trying to coax it out of him. It was a cute story though!

Stop torturing me Jami! First I have to deal with poor Remus getting attacked, and now Belleís all sad, and reminiscing about a brief happier time with her family. I canít deal with all this angsty stuff! Sirius though, aw so cute! The way he was getting angry about all the people who had been mean to her was just so adorable, and I just want him and Belle together now! Theyíre like James and Lily, and Alice and Frank they need someone! Now to find someone for Remus and Peter!

I liked finding out how Sirius had left home because each author does it in a different way and I rather liked yours. It seemed fitting that it was his mother who fired the curse, her portrait always seemed pretty evil so I can imagine her doing something like this! You could tell that it took a serious situation like that for Sirius to finally give into his pride and ask for help, because he always seemed very stubborn in that respect to me.

Haha Sirius you evil person! I guess it is for Belleís own good to go and confront her parents, because I donít think sheíll ever get over it otherwise, but the way Sirius is forcing her to do it! I suppose itís just tough love! Then the way he invited himself along Ė classic Sirius! I liked how Belle came more into her own once she decided to go and confront them. It seemed as if that gave her the strength to carry on in life, and all she needed was that rather forceful nudge from Sirius.

Yay theyíre going to France! I canít wait for that chapter, as itís always fun when they go abroad. I canít wait to see Sirius try and grapple with the French language, but then again, I always had it in my head that purebloods would be fluent in French or Latin, so he may have a secret talent up his sleeve ;D

An excellent chapter again!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: YAY! Can I just tell you how insanely happy it makes me that you're still enjoying this? I swear, I am going to figure out how to get through this computer and hug you.

I like to think that Professor McGonagall gave Lily the detentions with Pomfrey knowing she would enjoy them a bit. Of course Lily needed to get in trouble... she cursed another student! But she was also defending her class mates, so it's a hard line to walk.

Haha I loved reading that second paragraph and was like, Ohh Remus is tricking Kiana! heheh!

I'm not meaning to torture you, I'm not! Well, at least not too much :P. There really were a lot of feels in this one, weren't there? Remus hadn't gotten enough face time lately, so giving him and Lily some friendship time made me really happy. And now he knows that he can talk to her if he never needs to.

I'm so happy you liked Sirius's protective side! I thought it was fun getting to write him get so angry about people hurting her. Hahah you better go search Hogwarts and find someone for those two, missy! I don't think I'd be able to write Remus shipped. I don't know why, I just don't feel like I understand how he'd work with a girlfriend well enough. Though it wouldn't be bad for him to go on a date or two :P

They're going to France! Hahah I'lll admit right now, I had a secret little way of getting around that French language thing. You'll see soon enough. but I didn't want to have to translate everything :P.

But I love the idea of Sirius having a secret talent up his sleeve :P

Thank you again for making me the happiest author in the whole world ♥

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