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Review:patronus_charm says:
Itís taking me far too long to get through this! But hey the Easter Holidays are coming up soon, and whatís not a better way to spend them then reading more about dear Minerva and Tiberius!

I was glad that Minerva saw through Grimmís plot to get at her, you could tell that she was a little bothered by it, but it was nice to see that all that effort was because of her. She really has analysed his actions a lot? The way she observed his friends and enemies and whether he treated them differently or not. Then again, I think anyone whoís beginning to like someone else notes all of their behaviour.

Even though it was only a brief mention it was nice to see that Hogwarts hadnít changed too much and that there would always be people snogging behind statues and praksters lurking about! It just felt like coming home really :í)

I liked the appearance of Alastor, I forgot that he would have been at school at the same time as them. I can imagine that he would have been friends with someone like Grimm. Theyíre both quirky characters, so itís as if they became friends due to being kindred spirits. He reminded me greatly of the Alastor we know from the books, and it was rather comforting to know that he had always been like that.

Haha did Grimm really say that Minerva had Ďa well-rounded formí. He really does make me chuckle with his witty observations. I donít think Iíve come across someone whoís made such good ones! Then the way he shushed Moody, it was almost as if he didnít want Minerva to notice him, so he could carry on looking! Then when he gave her the ring, there were so many conflicting emotions and tension, it was perfect!

Then there was a brief interlude of anger in their relationship, and I was worrying that the brief calm was going to be ruined. Of course Grimm had to go and be forward and shush Minerva, it was great though! Poor old Alastor, having to stand there and watch this scene unfold before him. That must have been awkward for him!

Then him having to justify his answer, and calling Minerva alluring! I donít think Iíve ever heard that adjective describe her, but if Grimm feels that way, I guess I could use to her being that. I agree with Grimm she does appear queenly at times, she just has this regal air about her. I think thatís why Iím in love with your chapter images, because she really does fit the role of Lady Mary!

I liked their almost reconciliation at the end, with Grimm admitting his aims with asking Umbridge, and saying how far he had sunk. Then Minerva almost pitying him, and showing him there was a way out with this mysterious potion.

Then the ending! I was not expecting that! Now I have all these crazy theories about Grimm belonging to some secret cult floating around my head!

An excellent chapter as always :í)

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Thank you for coming back to this story! ^_^ I've really enjoyed reading and responding your reviews - here's hoping I can finally be inspired to finish this story soon!

Haha, you've caught Minerva analyzing Grimm - she rather does that a lot, though she would hate to be aware of it. She does note peoples' behaviour, not only because she's been both a prefect and Head Girl, but also out of interest. She's always been on the outside, even with her place on the Quidditch team, and those kind of people tend to be observers. It's at once a weakness and a strength of hers, that she doesn't easily connect with those around her, but that, as a result, she is able to see the world from a clearer perspective.

Grimm sees the world in a different way, often more humourous in this story, though as the plot develops, he grows darker. Whether this is due to Minerva's influence or his pursuit of Tom Riddle is not certain - Grimm definitely undergoes a transformation during this story, and I hope that it makes sense as you continue reading. :)

Moody's years at Hogwarts are unknown, and while the Lexicon guesses him to be the same age as Arthur Weasley, I've always imagined him to be older, especially since wizards live longer than Muggles - he could easily be in his 70s during Harry's time. It's interesting to place him among these characters, and as I wrote them together, he seemed to get along with Grimm and Minerva, and fit into their dynamic. Don't worry - he isn't really capable of feeling awkward, even when Grimm and Minerva are flirting, haha. I'm glad to hear that you like him in this story! :D

Thank you again for reading and reviewing! It's wonderful that you're enjoying the story!

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