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Review:patronus_charm says:
I think this is the longest gap itís been since my last review. But after next Tuesday, I should be able to review a lot more!

Níaw James came to poor Siriusí rescue. Iím not sure whether I should be saying poor Sirius after what he did to Belle, but he just seemed so forlorn, you wanted to just go and hug him! Even though Siriusí family are awful, they do sound slightly better than Belleís. It was nice to be able to learn more about their respective upbringings, because we could then put their characters into context more, and understand their actions.

I found it sweet that James was away comforting Sirius and trying to make him feel better and realise that he is the man for Belle, when Lily was comforting Belle at the same time! It was funny to see how James is affecting Lily in ways which arenít so good. I guess the fact that she now lies does show that she is lightening up, and not being solely focused on one thing, I just hope that it does land her into trouble!

Aw and how cute was Lily when she was thinking of James? The way that kiss meant so much to her, and how she was thinking about meeting his parents. Aw it was just so sweet and adorable, and then way sheís finally accepting that she wants to be James is great, because Iíve been waiting for this moment for so long, and for then to finally see it is just lovely!

That was a heated debate just then! Poor Polly, I felt so bad for her, and how she had to face all of those Slytherins. It couldnít have been easy, and they just seemed so intimidating especially the Slytherins! And the way she called Lily, Head Girl Lily, you could tell how intimidated she felt, and you just wanted to hug her!

I was getting too excited yaying Lily on for having a go at them. That Abigail girl, really does seem to be a nasty piece of work, and I certainly would not want to have to deal with her. Then for Filch to come along at the end of it and have a go at them was great, as it just added a twist to it, but you couldnít help but feel for Lily for ending up in a position like that.

Then McGonagall and Slughorn putting them in the place. Of course McGonagall would deduct points from her own house, but I think thatís why I like her as she sticks to her principles! Slughorn was great as well, and I wish we could see more of him as heís such an interesting character in my opinion. Snape was suspiciously quiet throughout it all though, I wonder if heís up to something?

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Eeek I'm so spoiled with you and your amazing reviews ♥

I was irritated with Sirius as well in this! But I think he did what he thought was best by walking away and not risking staying and getting angry at her family but taking it out on her. Poor Sirius, such a conflicted little soul.

I really was proud of Lily for sort of admitting to herself how much she does want to be with James. I'm so happy that you enjoyed that part as well ♥ You see to like all my favorite parts. I love it. I think I just need to hug you, you know.

Abigail! Not a nice girl, no no. She reminds me a female version of Draco. I couldn't decide how that scene would play out of they got into a dual, so I figured Filch should just come in and stop it :P

I felt really bad for Polly too! I think she's such a sweet little character, and I just hate the idea of how intimidated she must've felt.

Ugh. I need to admit that with Severus, I just didn't think of giving him any more lines in this :(. I mean, in the end of that chapter. I think I was too focused on getting Abigail's lines out, haha! But I promise we'll still see more Severus!

Thank you so much for your amazing reviews ♥ And I love that you think Slughorn is an interesting character. He sort of is, isn't he? I've never thought too much about him!

Thank you so much for your awesome reviews. I feel like I've said that to you so often that it probably doesn't seem sincere, but it really is. I get so excited every time I get one from you ♥

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