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Review:patronus_charm says:
Hey Amanda!

I really liked how you informed us on how Helena was facing her situation with Venn. I thought it was just some typical Medieval feast at first, but it was those secret little details which revealed that everything wasnít fine with Helena. You couldnít help but feel sorry for her, because itís only in dire situations (while in my case anyway ;) ) when someone tends to lose their appetite.

It was sweet seeing Helena and Witter together. We havenít had much interaction between them, because itís mainly focused on Helena and Rowena so I rather enjoyed this change. It was just a small touch what he did, but it just seemed to brighten her spirits so much, and you could notice the change in her.

I thought it was really sweet to see how attached Helena was to her servants. You wouldnít have expected it from people of that era, but then again, you wouldnít really expect for someone like Helena to exist. It was also nice to see how though she wasnít particularly keen on the house elves, she still didnít seem that bitter towards them, and that was a nice change.

I thought the letter from Edeline was very touching, and though she hadnít always appeared to be overly welcoming, this just proves that she had a good heart. It made me have fuzzy feelings when reading it, because it showed how much she cared. Iím guessing that due to the note being found in Tristan and Iseult it may be a nod towards Helena and Vennís own relationship?

The scene with Helena and Edeline was well done. I liked how you drew upon the fact that wedding dresses werenít always white, it made me smile that I knew the meaning behind it for once! It seemed fitting that the wedding would be held at Hogwarts, and I canít wait to see it again, thatís if the wedding does take place.

I thought it was interesting how Edeline wasnít afraid to admit that the pair of them were unorthodox. I can obviously see why others would want to see their first dance, as itís one of the most romantic parts of the whole day, but them being them would want it to be more private, and I think thatís understandable.

Then the way Venn swept Helena off to that field, it was just so romantic, and it made me a little jealous! It was rather touching to see that he knew her so well, and that he wasnít afraid to show it, by buying that field for her. The romantic mood was slightly tinged at the end with the minor argument between them. I guess back then, and even now the men werenít that bothered about the wedding preparations. I couldnít help but feel bad for Helena though, as she did seem crushed by it. This was just more of the little cracks in their relationship I suppose!

I didnít like the sound of that ominous author note! It almost sounded as if Diamonds into Coal was going to end soon! In answer to your question though, obviously I want more, who wouldnít? If Iím feeling sad about having to say goodbye to them one day, I dread to think what youíre feeling like! Thank you for the mention by the way, and Iím glad that my reviews helped your motivation!


P.S. I agree this was one of my favourite chapters too ;D

Author's Response: Hi Kiana! Thanks for the lovely review :)

I'm happy you liked watching Helena interact with members of her household. I figured she wouldn't have been but so stuck-up with the servants. I mean, she's got to be a little prissy, having grown up as a noblewoman, but I do see her as being more down-to-earth than many of her peers at this time. She likes to learn from people (like the Muggles) rather than immediately judge them. As for Witter, you're right, it was about time for a daddy-daughter scene. I think Witter is important to his family in this really soft, quiet kind of way.

The book was sort of a reference to the rocky path of Helena's relationship with her fiance, but more than that, it's meant to show that she's slightly obsessed with unrealistic, maudlin fairy tales. She doesn't have a good grip on what makes a real relationship work.

It's funny to see you say that Hogwarts is the perfect wedding location, because Val was like, "No way, go Helena, get married wherever you want!" Haha. I love it when people read my work and come up with drastically different opinions. Anyway, I'm trying to picture Venn and Helena getting married in this huge, traditional ceremony, and I just have trouble doing that. Like you said, they're sort of private and subdued and I think they would both just feel so awkward, even if Helena claims to want the spotlight.

I'm pleased to hear that you found Venn's gesture romantic. A field is kind of a weird wedding gift, but Helena could see the beauty in having a place for herself and Eostre. Then, of course, Venn had to go and ruin it all. Ah, well. Never a dull moment with these kids.

That's great that you'd like to read more in this vein! I'd love to know more specifically what you're curious about, if there's anything. I'm definitely going to miss this when it's done.

Thanks again for your amazing review!


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