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Review:The Misfit says:
I'm so sorry that this review has taken so long; this is actually my second time typing it - I was typing too fast on the first one and managed to delete the whole review. Whoops. However, I will attempt to duplicate everything I said in my last review - and I apologize in advance for the fangirling. :3

SARAH, THIS STORY IS BEYOND FABULOUS. ♥ I'm still catching up on Sneth, but I couldn't resist reading this and ohmygod. It's perfect. It's so so so canon, fitting in beautifully in both JKR-verse and Rachel-verse. Your description of eleven-year-old Beth was so perfect, and the way you picked up on the tiny things that Rachel wrote and expanded them here just made it even better than perfection. The way you wrote about her hugging her book and dreaming of Severus, and being utterly convinced that in just five or six years he would be her boyfriend - you made me simulataneously want to be eleven again so that I'd have a good excuse to fangirl right there with her about Severus' dreaminess (which I may or may not have done in the process of reading that first section :P) and to jump into your story and hug her because she's just so small and so innocent and so sweet and ahhh. And the way she pays attention to what Severus does and how his behaviour changes and the reasons why - it just gives me a major case of Sneth feels. ♥

I loved the second-year memory! You characterized them all beautifully - Sirius being like a dog with a bone when it comes to Severus; Severus' inability to not retort; Remus' hesistance to not get involved; Peter's ability to come up with subject-changing one-liners - they're all done beautifully and I'm seeing echoes from In The Black here because reading this, you can really believe that they are younger versions of Rachel's Marauders and that just screams how talented you are. ♥

The third-year memory was amazing; you managed to make even the smallest detail important - James and Peter's interaction was just two or three sentences, but it spoke volumes with regard to Peter's betrayal years later. I did notice a small typo though; “Get a room, why don’t you,” Lily could resist saying. - this should be "Lily couldn't resist saying" (although I might be wrong). Also, a sentence later, you say James pushed Sirius off of him, but it was James who leant over to speak to Sirius. :3 OH OH OH OH AND YOU INCLUDED MUFFLIATO. SARAH YOU ARE PERFECT. ♥

“No.” Her voice was cutting. “You do worse than that with words.” - I really loved this line - for me, it was just so poignant and it really explains Lily's severe dislike of the Marauders so well; in fact, this memory could actually fit into Severus' memories in OotP when Harry looks into the Pensieve and slide in between the home flashback and the fifth year flashback seamlessly. ♥

I love love love Severus' POV in fourth year! You did an absolutely wonderful job of showing the cracks that started to develop in his and Lily's relationship, as well as planting Sneth seeds here - I love how you included the falcon! And I was squealing throughout fifth year! I love how Beth surprised Severus with her nice-ness and how he actually smiled when she told him to fetch the bat spleens himself. I was literally on the edge of my seat reading this, hating that I knew nothing major would happen because this is before ITB and yet all those tiny details were brilliant. ♥

HAAA BETH STALKS SEVERUS. I like this - we've all followed our crush once in a while out of curiosity, right? (I hope so, anyway.) And I love, again, how you make her pick up on so many details and included Bethchel's fixation with Severus' hands. :P The pictures were a fantastic detail to include, again creating a premonition of the future. Oh, how things would've been different if James, Beth and Sirius had hung around Peter more in school... Your description of the boys' dormitory was also excellent - you really brought a lot of details to life there. ♥ AND EEEP EEEP EEEP THE END OF SIXTH YEAR. Severus' reaction is so incredibly believable, and I love what Beth made the first-year tell him! Even though there's no direct Sneth interaction here, it's still an incredibly sweet memory. :3

AND THE ENDING. YOU KILLED ME WITH THAT ENDING. It's just a beautiful ending, and a spark of hope amongst the sadder aspects of this story - but it's also heartbreaking, because Sneth is doomed and my feels are all over the place right now.

This is truly one of the best one-shots I've ever read; you're a fantastic author, Sarah. Everything here is absolutely sheer perfection. ♥ ♥ ♥


Author's Response: I am not sure how I let this slide by for so long without responding.

When I fangirl something, I can't do it halfway. I rarely read sequels of anything on HPFF and in this case I'm reading a /trilogy/, and I truly invest in all the characters Rachel writes. It's exciting to guess what will happen with them. Naturally I've started to imagine what Beth might have been like back in the day when she was a young, wibbly first year with a crush on Snape and hadn't met the marauders yet. Her crush on Severus actually predates her friendships with James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter, and is so strong a fancy that it withstood their near-constant bad-mouthing of him. It followed her throughout all her years at Hogwarts. It was insanely fun to kind of chronicle those missing moments because there are TONS of moments we haven't seen. I hope Rachel returns to her Sneth-universe someday after Breaking Even is completed and indulges us with a few of these.

Thank you so much for reading and for this awesome review, Katie! ♥ It means the world to me that you found it engaging and believable since it can be dangerous territory to dip into another writer's realm and try to see the characters the way they do. I really loved doing it, though.

- Sarah

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