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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
HPFF is going to kill me. I have read three pieces of writing today about the marauders and my emotions are just about shot. Having them stacked up in this one-shot, punctuated by 'and now he's just a casualty of war' makes me want to curl up into a ball and propel myself down a hill. And for me this is a very bad thing because it rained earlier and it is very muddy outside, but for you this is a good thing because this means you wrote something that evoked very strong feelings in me as the reader. The words you chose to portray each person were carefully-selected and very beautiful summations of each; and I liked the order you chose to list them in, too.

You began with Lily, who is simultaneously angelic and uplifting and also dark, because she's a witch, a heroine who used magic as a weapon when need be. And then James inevitably came after, as if attached by a string, followed by Remus. Remus is always in the middle. He was a good friend of James's but not good enough to be godfather. A good friend of Lily's and a good friend of Sirius's, but not good enough to be the best friend. But he was valuable all the same. I like how you described him, and my favorite line in the whole one-shot is about him:

You have to understand, that was just how Remus was. He could bear the heaviest of burdens as long as he thought you'd never have to suffer.

Remus always tried keeping his burdens to himself. He lived a ravaged life - all of the surviving marauders did - and I'm thankful that at least towards the end he found a bit of happiness. He left a lasting legacy behind.

And then comes Sirius, who is like the opposite of Lily because whereas she's a delicate meadow, the only remnant of her being a laugh, Sirius is a tornado. He's a storm, a contradiction, a complexity. You captured his essence very well. This right here I absolutely loved:

Now watch that small patch of blue as it slips subtly through the clouds. Smell the scent of the rain drops still left over on the dewy grass... that's Sirius Black.

Perfect, perfect description.

And what you said about Peter is so true. It's so much more preferable to simply believe that he was bad from the start, that he was always a traitor and the other marauders were doing him a charitable favor just by letting him breathe their heroic air. He's someone we'll never be able to fully understand, no matter how much we want to. Sometimes characters, and people for that matter, just cannot be made transparent under a microscope. There's always bits that hide from you.

And I think Peter's section was the saddest, really, because he truly is the 'lost' marauder. He could have died young like James and Lily and been admired as a memory, or he could have been falsely framed like Sirius and spent twelve years in Azkaban, to be labeled as a hero only after his eventual death, but he didn't. Peter wanted to live, no matter what the cost. The existence he led was a half-life, hanging by a thread, but he held on.

There are just too many casualties of war. :( Reading about these five friends whose deaths spanned sixteen years - two of them dying in the first wizarding war and three dying in the second - it was so sad but also very beautiful, and you wrote it very well. :)

Author's Response: Hi Sarah! Thank you for such a lovely swap!

Haha I noticed that Dan requested Waiting Room, and yeah. Figured you'd be in trouble at that point with all these feels :P

I think the fact that, by the end of it, all the Marauders die just breaks my heart when I let it. I get all those feelings and needed to get them out, and showing that in the end, they were all just people stuck in a war felt like the best way to leak my sads over everyone else :P

Remus ended up being one of the sections I really enjoyed writing. I liked taking the opportunity to sort of show how much darker it all got after Lily and James. It's terrible that they died, but they didn't have to live through a lot of the terrible stuff that their friends did. So starting with those two and giving them, especially Lily, a more angelic feeling really seemed to work. And I can't even tell you how much these compliments mean to me coming from you ♥

Sirius. Oh gosh. Well, by your username I think it's pretty clear we'd both jump off a cliff for this fictional man. He's often so abused in FF. A player or just James's sidekick or brainless and ugh. I hate it. Getting to talk about who he really was though from what we know of him, and then adding some of my head canon in there is always so much fun. I think we should probably just go find him and hug him, yeah?

That's exactly how I feel about Peter. He was dragged through the mud, and he should be. He made a terrible choice then was too afraid to go back on it, and he isn't a hero like the rest of his friends died being.

I'm seriously going to be in a pile of mush for the rest of the night. I'm so happy you enjoyed this, and I can't tell you how much your compliments mean to me ♥

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