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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:
Fair warning: By request I am listening to the Lilo & Stitch soundtrack while I read this. Images of Beth surfing around the Ministry are out of my control.

Ughhh office jobs are so tedious. I feel a bit bad for Beth. Going from high-octane, exciting, physical work to shuffling papers around to and fro would intensify that tediousness. That and such a job description would leave her brain plenty of room to wander, which would of course always circle back to wondering how Severus was doing, how Sirius was doing on the missions, what was going on in the Order, etc. It feels like she's being squeezed out of her own life. :(

And there's slimy little Peter gallivanting around with his Death Eater ilk, I can just feel it. TELL ME I'M RIGHT. And then Remus and his timing, UGHH. NO, BETH, YOU'RE NOT GOING CRAZY AND IMAGINING THINGS. GO FOLLOW PETER. HE'S UP TO SEEDY BUSINESS.

Okay please do not kill me but I'm sort of shipping Remus/Beth right now. It doesn't take much for me. All I need is eye contact and I start stitching together my flag.

And there you go blowing holes in my flag with remarks about Remus being too tidy and also his stern obnoxious prefect face. FINE THEN. I SUPPOSE I WILL FORFEIT JUST THIS ONCE.

Remus, you buffoon. You can't hand her this nuclear bomb of information and expect her to just sit on her hands. THIS IS A SEVERUS/BETH STORY. OF COURSE SHE IS GOING TO START SCHEMING SOMETHING. P.S. She is a marauder, Remus; give her some credit for doing stuff she is not allowed to do. You don't hang out with James and Sirius for several years without some of that rubbing off on you. I am rooting for Beth to do something stupid and steal those memories back. To hell with respecting Severus's wishes! Severus can't see the future. He doesn't know for sure that the world is better off thinking he doesn't care about Beth Bridger.

And now your questions at the end have got me squinting. Is Timothy Parrish by chance the guy that Peter was talking to? IS TIMOTHY PARRISH A DEATH EATER? Okay I just googled Timothy Parrish to see if he was canon or not because now I'm really curious, and omg there is a real Timothy Parrish who commented on a Harry Potter film score about Umbridge on Pandora.

Okay, Beth. You transform into a falcon right now and haul your feathered butt to Hogwarts, and steal the memories. Unless Severus has already poked at his brain enough by now to realize his memories are missing, in which case - he steals them back. !!! Maybe they both run to Hogwarts to steal the memories back and they meet up and there is this big scene in Dumbledore's office where he recognizes her and then he eats his memories and then he's like "Beth!" with recognition and Dumbledore bursts in and Beth stupefies him because Dumbledore keeps ruining moments.

Her frustration in this chapter, and mocking Dumbledore for pretending to know how she feels - reminded me strikingly of Harry in OotP when he's going through a tough time and Dumbledore is basically useless. Also it just occurred to me that Dumbledore should have gotten to the Ministry a lot faster than he did in OotP and he must have been pretty far away. Which makes me mad at him because Sirius was being hunted by the world but he still stayed close to where Harry was. HE LIVED IN A FRIGGIN CAVE IN HARRY'S FOURTH YEAR. Voldemort was trying to penetrate Harry's mind, planting all kinds of screwy things there, and Dumbledore's off on holiday. You know, he is just not my fave today.

Okay I will stop shouting about things now.

Author's Response: Even interning in a magazine office for one summer could get a bit boring at times; I can't imagine how dull Beth must feel she is, shuffling papers around at the Ministry. I like your expression "squeezed out of her own life" because it's a bit of a downer, but it's also really true.

Lulz forever at you shipping Beth with Remus. ♥ NEXT THING I KNOW YOU'LL BE SHIPPING BETH/PETER, WON'T YOU. I remember first writing In The Black and consciously trying to steer myself out of waters where it sounded like Beth/James could be a thing. That is as far as I want to go down memory lane where she and shipping are concerned. -small laser cannons fired into all of Sarah's ships-

I tried to spell that "laser canons." HPFF is getting into my brain, man.

To be fair, though, Remus really shouldn't have expected Beth to just sit around and do nothing. You're absolutely right. That's like telling me you've got tickets to a Paul McCartney concert but I'm not allowed to go --if you think I won't fully tackle you for tickets like that, you've got another think coming. Not to mention that YES, she is a Marauder, and YES, doing things they're not supposed to do is basically in the rulebook. Honestly, Remus, where is your head.

I CANNOT TELL YOU THE SIGNIFICANCE OF TIMOTHY PARRISH. :3 He could be huge, or he could be relatively minor. You won't hear a word from me. I will tell you that he appears in two or three more chapters, and that he is not a canon character. Except think very, very hard about men in my life and try and pick out where I'm writing Timothy from. YOU'VE GOT IT NOW, HAVEN'T YOU.

-rolling around on the ground because I CAN'T TELL YOU ANYTHING- My lips are metaphorically sealed. Not really, because a few prying questions from you will probably release the floodgate, but I like pretending I'm good at holding out against your barrage of well-meaning questions.

I'm sorry that my reviews responses to you always seem to go off on wild, somewhat loopy tangents. But then again, I'm not all that sorry. ♥ YOUDA BEST.

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