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Review:nott theodore says:

I really love reading your responses to my reviews because they're so quick and lovely! And I think (as long as I don't take ages writing this and someone sneaks in before me!) that this will be your 100th review on this story! I may be sad but I thought that was quite exciting!

You left this chapter on a cliffhanger again! But I have to agree with you, I really do love the chapters you write from Albus' point of view. He's a really sweet character and not as arrogant as James - reading from his perspective shows us a character who really does seem young and innocent. I think it would be easy to write James and Al as similar people, even though they're very different characters, but you didn't do that. The way Albus says he didn't want to fight his teacher proves how different they really are.

I thought the way you wrote Scorpius and Al together was really cute, and I liked the way you brought Rose in, too. I'm glad she's such a sweet character and isn't prejudiced against Al for being in Slytherin or Scorpius because of his family.

The conversation with Snape's portrait really made me laugh. I like the idea of him carrying on his prejudices and pet hates after death in his paint form. I can just imagine him telling McGonagall that she has to contact Harry and get him to change Al's name immediately!

The ending of this chapter was very intriguing! I want to know who or what saved him from the centaurs. And why they decided to fire at him in the first place!

I just wanted to point out that you used the word Mom in this chapter and it should have been Mum instead (I know, I'm being typically British and hating Americanisms. Sorry. But Harry Potter is British, so...) and there were a few spelling and grammar mistakes but not enough to affect the flow of the chapter.

Once again, a really great chapter and I look forward to the next one! I hope you update soon!

nott theodore :)

Author's Response: Hello again! :)

I'm really happy you read my responses. Haha, I normally get really excited if I see reviews so I want to respond right away. If you take the time to write one, I should respond. :D

Yes! You are my 100th review! You have no idea how exciting this is for me. I was so thrilled to so the chapter finally updated on the site and even more thrilled to see that I had reviews on it already. It's so exciting that I'm at 100 and I can not possible express how grateful I am to you and everyone else that has taken the time to review my story. :) It really means a lot.

Haha, Al just seems like a cliffhanger character...for some reason. I'm not sure why really. I like writing his character and I don't mean to put him in places like this...I guess he is just in for a rough year.

I'm really glad that you see the differences between the two. James is a more steadfast and quick action character - while Al is a bit more calm and thinks things through a lot better. It keeps him out of trouble for the most part...most part I repeat, because that is clearly not the case for this chapter. And the part about not fighting Lowsley was kind of mentioned in Teddy's first chapter. He already guessed that Al wouldn't fight him - and that was kind of my 'foreshadowing' or him not being like James and actually being in a different house. Haha. :)

I plan to have Scorpius and Rose with Al a lot. I just wanted to show their friendship kind of blooming. Scorpius is fun to write with Al, because even though he won't admit it, he has already become rather close with him. And Al is good for Scorpius. Scorpius is not exactly like his father but there will be a bit of that in there. If you couldn't tell by the way he addresses James, they don't particularly like one another. As for Rose, I wanted her to be sweet. I've kind of put more prejudice personalities in James and well not so much as prejudice, but a sort of strong personality in Dom. So I thought Rose would be a nice change. I picture her and Al to be close considering they are the same age and live right next to each other. :) So she wouldn't have a problem with Al being sorted into a different house. After all, she's in Ravenclaw. As for Scorpius - her family holds those views and not her. She finds it silly to follow the views of others, because she is a logical person and likes making her own views.

Haha, I'm glad you like it. This was another reason I was kind of excited about Al being in Slytherin. I figured it gave Snape more of a chance to talk to him. I enjoyed writing that too much. I'm kind of going on what we know about Snape from the books and going on a leaf in saying, he probably wouldn't be too happy that the spawn of Potter named his spawn after him. It might be an interesting conversation between him and McGonagall - especially when she already knows. I'm pretty sure Harry will find receiving a letter about that on Al's first week, rather funny. Instead of being honored, Snape would be put out that Al was named in his honor. I will say that we can expect a few more Snape and Al scenes. XD

Do you have any idea who or what saved him? I almost added more detail in parts of that scene - but I didn't want to give too much away.
As for why they fired - that will be much later. We'll find out who or what saved Al first. :) Sadly though - that part probably won't be in the next chapter. But we will find out a little what happened to Al. ;)

Oh no! I meant to change the Mom's to Mum's. I forgot. I need to do a drastic editing of all the chapters soon anyways. So if you see updates but no new chapters - that might be what it is.

Thank you once again and the next one will be later this week - hopefully not next week - but sadly I'm no longer on break and I have a few exams that I'm studying for. But after that I'll be finishing up the next chapter. It's almost done.

Thank you for the review and I hope to hear from you again. :)


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