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Review:water_lily43175 says:
I can only apologise profusely for not catching up on this earlier! Nevertheless, I'm here now. :) I love the chapter title as well!

I absolutely LOVE Albus' determination to get everything in the letter, to the point that when Rose tries to reassure him that all the main points are in there, he even manages to take THAT to mean he's forgotten something *giggles* Bless him! Also, I am suspicious of Nathan remaining behind when they go to post the letter. It may be nothing, but I'm going to notice EVERYONE'S behaviour now, to see if anything is remotely suspicious! Everyone's a suspect until proven otherwise. *nods*

Good to see that they'll all be taught about the war - or at least that Professor Jones will be teaching them about it, because let's face it, Binns is a useless teacher. Ignorance about the first war seemed to be a massive issue in Harry's time at Hogwarts. You can't prevent history from happening again unless people know what they have to prevent! Which is why I find it incredible that some people my age still don't know all that much about 20th century history, like my friend on my course who I had to teach about the World Wars and the Cold War so that she understood the context of the EU's birth, BUT I DIGRESS.

Blackburn's not there. SUSPICIOUS. Nathan's speaking about her not being there and the graffiti in a nervous tone of voice. SUSPICIOUS. It does surprise me that Albus isn't fussed about her no-show though. He ought to know better than to dismiss something like that!

HAHA, Harry being slightly sceptical of the vetting process because of some of the teachers he had. Quirrell. Lockhart. 'Nuff said. Although having said that, Lockhart was the ONLY option and Quirrell was seemingly already at the school at the time he started hosting Voldemort so it's a bit difficult to criticise Dumbledore. Umbridge was a totally different story of course because Dumbledore didn't have a say at all! Either way. Back to his letter.

Interesting that Rose knew about Ginny's involvement with the Chamber, whereas Albus didn't. Perfectly understandable of course, and it's a difficult situation for Harry, especially if it's a delicate point for Ginny - at what age should he tell his children that their mother set a basilisk on muggleborns while being possessed by Voldemort? But at the same time they're all lucky that it's Rose who told Albus this in the end, and that he didn't have to find out from a more unpleasant character.

I think their suspicion of Scorpius is based on weak footing though, and I doubt it's him! Nevertheless they have to explore all avenues, and his is a very likely one I suppose. Onwards!

Author's Response: *cheers* I got some surprise when I clicked on unanswered reviews and saw 14 instead of the usual 10. I got a couple over the years where the person reviewed a load of chapters in one go and had one or two reviews that were just "another good chapter" or something, so I skipped answering them and I'd one recently I COULDN'T respond to.

*grins* Nathan and Blackburn have also been suspected by other people.

Yikes, that's scary, people not knowing about the World Wars. The Cold War doesn't surprise me so much. We didn't start learning about that until we were 15, though of course, I lived through the end of it, so learning about it had me thinking "so THAT'S what they were doing there."

Yeah, Harry's only SLIGHTLY suspicious, because most of those got caught out within a year and most of the teachers at Hogwarts now have either been there YEARS or have a history before being employed, like Professor Jones was involved with the Order of the Phoenix and protected the Dursleys, so he knows of her past.

And yeah, Hermione feels strongly that her children NEED to know about the past for the exact reason you mentioned, whereas Harry doesn't want to bring up something so painful for his wife and maybe cause awkwardness between her and her children.

Plus Albus didn't exactly ask as many questions as Rose, partly because he's not as interested and partly because he's more sensitive than she is.

Thanks so much for this review. Level of detail is awesome.

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