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Review:patronus_charm says:
I was so happy to see that this was up as it gave me a reason to procrastinate from my French homework!

I guess the brightside of Beth working in that department was that she got to hear about some funny stories. The one about Wallace reminded about what Harry did to Aunt Marge. The ferrying the letters around didnít sound like much fun, so if that was Moodyís doing he should be ashamed of himself, as it wasnít really Bethís fault the way she acted. At least sheís viewing it as a sacrifice for Snapeís love now, which I guess improves her situation.

I liked that little bump into Timothy it added some humour into Bethís life. He seemed like a nice fellow even though we only met him briefly. I couldnít help but wonder that too much significance had been placed on that meeting between the two. The way she dwelled on Snape, and seemed a little flustered it was all too suspicious. Now Iím wondering is there going to be romance, or is just friendship, or maybe itís nothing at all!

I can see how youíre weaving Peter the traitor into the story. Even though you havenít directly said anything, it is odd that he was there, and for him to suddenly disappear almost as if he didnít want to be seen. I just really like how youíre not making it overtly obvious, as itís so much more fun doing it this way, as you canít really know whether he was doing something for the Order, or for the other side.

I love Remus, he really is awesome. The way he didnít want to go about his werewolf problem was really sweet, as it seemed as if he didnít want to go about his problems, when he could tell Beth had bigger issues at hand. Then when he told her about the memories, you could almost sense this change in Beth, as if she had a purpose for her life now. I think it was the bit about the end, when you could see how determined she was to find Snape, showed me how much good this would do her.

Then I loved how Remus seemed supportive Snape, and him getting rid of his memories. As much as I want Sneth to be together again, I think me and Remus can both see why itís necessary. Iím still hoping Beth will sneak in, steal the memories, and give them to Snape. Iíve just realised how hope is such a big part of this story compared to the otherís, and I guess itís like Pandoraís Box, and how that was left was hope, and thatís the same with Bethís situation.

Another excellent chapter Rachel, and I canít wait to see if my predictions about Beth are right or not!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: I seriously owe you so many apologies by this point, I can't even. I'm going to pretend like I'm NOT still buried in reviews you've left me, and will continue on and say that I'm just so super excited you're still reading this particular story! Working for the Ministry isn't nearly as horrible as Beth makes it seem, but then again, she's got a reason to think she got a sucky lot in life.

Keep your eye on Timothy. ;) I can't say right now how significant he is to later events, or whether he's actually a player in the plot at all, but he does come back in... two or three more chapters, I think? At least two.

Writing Peter in this story (something I might have already mentioned to you) is one of the trickiest things, and I think that's because there's already a pretty large prejudice against him. WE know he's going to betray Lily and James; none of the Marauders know what he's going to do, and it makes it worse that they never know for sure until thirteen and a half years after the fact. So I've got to make you guys suspicious of him while keeping Beth and Remus and all of them neutral, and sometimes it feels like one grain of sand might tip the balance of those scales! I'm so glad to hear that you think it's not obvious, though -- that's a huge wave of relief for me.

I loved Remus in this chapter. ♥ He's out of much of the plot in this book for a necessary purpose (which you'll see further toward the end), and I really missed writing him. Obviously he's in here some, but not enough for my liking! Out of the four boys, I think Remus had the least animosity towards Snape, and if he didn't understand him, at least he respected that he was a human being with feelings and all that.

You'll see what Beth does with this information. :3 Gah -- sometimes I just want to throw up all the chapters of this story in one go, just so I can see how people react!

Thank you for reviewing! ♥

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