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Review:ValWitch21 says:
I'd typed out a nice, long review but the computer deleted it. Ugh. Anyway.

Nah, Oliver wouldn't make a good Unspeakable, he grunts too much! That image of Keeper's padding will forever stay stuck in my mind.

Oh, Edie, trying to get Oliver drunk for him to talk but whimpering as the alcohol disappears, haha.

Oliver is surprisingly honest with himself, which is an interesting take on his character. AHA, OLIVER AND KATIE DATED. It makes sense, except that now for me they're cousins. I like the history you've given them though, steering Oliver away from the player stereotype.

Aw, shucks, I was sort of hoping he'd compliment her, though of course it was highly unlikely. Bahaha, Edie, hold your horses -- it's just Quidditch! (Yes, I'm aware that if I told her this she'd shout BLASPHEMY and throw something at my head).

Stripping in a restaurant, huh. That tattoo must've hurt, especially if he had to get the entire blue shield done. And his story about the scar -- I'd never imagined Edie as someone to shy away from gritty (I think that's the word, no?) stories. Closing your eyes is the solution to everything.

Ada is his sister! Can I be snooty and parallel Ada and Anna? Yes? More importantly, do we meet Ada further on in the story?

WHY DOES JUSTIN KNOW OLIVER AND WHAT WAS THE FAVOUR? Is it important? I'm sure it is, and now I want to know. Do we find out?

Pish posh indeed.

They didn't. But Rose is so... Rose. I don't want anything to have happened there, because Rose is going to flaunt it around in Edie's face afterwards.

The weather and Edie's reaction made my day. I will not repeat it here because I don't think I'm allowed to, but that quote!

I wish I could say there's a mermaid-ish quality about it, but I look like a Grindylow washed ashore.

Yes. Enough said.

This isn't professional. I should say something like, "Step back, cowboy," and maybe even wave a finger sassily.

Yes again.

WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED? Or rather, WHAT THE HECK DID NOT JUST HAPPEN? The paparazzi just have to make Edie's life miserable all the time, it seems. She should quit working for the press altogether and live as a hermit in the Himalayas. How did they even find them?

Seamus, heehee. Sleeping through towers of bottles crashing to the floor but waking up with a bed squeaking. "WHO'S THERE! I'M AN AUROR!"

Wouldn't scare the horses -- is that an actual expression or did you make it up?

Anyway, let it be known that despite the fact that Ediver didn't move as much as I would have wanted it to, and that Edie's life has gone rolling back down the hill, this was my favourite chapter so far! I can't wait for chapter 14 &hearts

Author's Response: Oh wow! This review!! ♥ I'm sorry you had to re-type everything, though.

I think Oliver is honest about a lot of things because Edie forgets to ask interview questions. And they start having more of a two-way conversation, and for one reason or another he feels comfortable around her. He definitely likes to clam up about certain things (like Ada, or St. Mungo's, for example). And you'll see in a later chapter how he feels about journalists lurking around his Quidditch practises. But yes! I think that's why he ended up being so honest about certain things.

Hmm! Your comment about the tattoo got me thinking. I wonder if wizards and witches get tattoos in the same way that Muggles would? Or if there's some kind of spell? You'd think if the cost/pain factors were taken out, everyone would have them!

Yes, I am secretly shipping Oliver and Katie in this story as well xD

"Closing your eyes is the solution to everything." bahahaha. You raise an interesting point about Edie being squeamish! It just felt right for her to do, though. I think she's seen her fair share of injuries, with younger brothers. But I based Oliver's injury off an ex-boyfriend of mine. The poor guy has dislocated BOTH SHOULDERS TWO TIMES EACH. I'm not squeamish, but I saw two of them happen and it always made me a little woozy x_x

Is Anna your Oliver's little sister? If so then yes, you can be snooty! I liked the idea of him having a younger sibling. It explains why he's so serious at times, and gives he and Edie something in common ;D

Yes... Justin is indeed significant here. That's all I'm saying!

To be completely honest, I haven't quite decided whether or not they actually kissed. I like the direction it could go in, either way! And I did not make up the expression "wouldn't scare the horses." I read it in a book by Libba Bray years and years ago called "A Great and Terrible Beauty." Maybe it's more popular now and people have heard of it? But it's pretty good Young-Adult Literature, I think!

Originally I had Ediver happening, like, WAY more in this chapter. But it felt too rushed. I know it's thirteen chapters in, but really, they've hung out a grand total of three times? Four if you include when he was pretending to be somebody else? They're just getting to know one another. Originally I had Edie getting too drunk and making some bad decisions. But I wanted to set up a parallel between old-Edie and new-Edie and the life choices she makes!

I'm so glad that you liked this chapter!! The next update may be slow, but I've still got so many plans for this story. Thanks so much, Val! ♥ ♥ ♥

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