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Review:patronus_charm says:
Wow that was a dramatic start to the chapter! There was just so much tension, anger and drama and it was just brilliant. I could understand where Remus was coming from, of course he would feel guilty asking his friends to come and help him, after Jamesí owl was shot out of the sky, and that was as well as the normal threat of him attacking the others.

I guess their determination to go with Remus no matter what shows what a good friend they are. And like James was thinking, it just shows how strong their friendship is, by their ability to overcome it. I liked the mention from Peter about James and Lily getting to spend time together, I was just awing as it was just so cute. And James didnít even deny that he was looking forward to it, and I was almost expecting him to do that.

I liked the banter between James and Lily, when James came into the heads room. It was just really light hearted, and it showed how close they had become. I liked the use of foreshadowing in this chapter. It was when James was talking about how loyal Peter was, and how he would always be suspicious. How wrong was James in thinking that? I have to give it to Peter that he had bad omen about Alrek as well, but still he ended up betraying them too.

I liked the scene when McGonagall and Dumbledore were talking to James and Lily. You managed to balance the levels of formality of them being their teacher, with them being the heads so they could be closer to them really well. The characterisation of them was perfect here, and you write Dumbledore so well. Whenever I write Dumbledore it tends to not work out too well!

Aw and the appearance of Butterscotch was adorable! I think Alice and Belle need a cat as well; they always help you out in tough times! It was nice to see Jamesí thoughts about he bought, and the fact that it was on an impulse, just makes it even more romantic. Haha I loved the fact that Remus and Peter shaved Jamesí legs; it just made me laugh so much!

The letter was perfect Ė so Petunia! The way she was bringing up the old insults about Lily being a witch was just like something she would do. There was also some parts were you could sense that Petunia still loved her, I think it was the mention about her moving, and the wedding. Even though they werenít worded in the nicest way, you could tell that she wanted Lily to know that, as she didnít have to include them. Perhaps this was a sign that she still wanted Lily in her life.

Even though Petunia sort of made clear that she didnít really want Lily at the wedding, it was nice to see that she was still invited. It was touching that she wanted a family member there, but I couldnít help but hate her at the same time, due to how mean she was to Lily.

So Lily and James are going somewhere together for the first time! How lovely :í) It was nice to see James ask rather hesitantly, itís always so cute to see how he loses his cool and confident demeanour around Lily. Then his thoughts about how his parents would be pleased that he was going, though they might lecture him on muggle things, seemed so fitting of the image I had been building of them in my head.

Aw! So they finally kissed :D I thought the build up to it was perfect! The way James was unsure of what he was doing, and at first he was only aiming to comfort her, then it just seemed natural for it to turn into something more! I was completely riveted by it all, and it was just perfectly written. When they actually kissed, I was just sitting here awing, and probably looking like an idiot! Oh well this is what Jilly makes me do;D

Haha Lilyís reaction to it though was perfect! Of course James being James would have to apologise, and then Lily to have a go at him for doing so. Then Lily finally revealed to him about why she didnít want to date him. I felt so proud of her for admitting that, and I guess it helped her overcome it, and change her mind, and when she said that she would like to be more, you could tell how happy James was.

This was just wonderful Jami!

-Kiana :D

P.S. the reviews seem to be getting longer and longer, sorry about that ;)

Author's Response: He Kiana ♥

I LOVE writing tension between the boys. You obviously know by now, but their friendships is one of my favorite things to focus on. They never stay angry for long, but when they all want to get their way and disagree, it's not a simple thing. They're personalities are so strong, especially when Remus is doing something for the purpose of trying to keep his friends safe. He doesn't want to back down, but he knows he really has no way out of it in this situation. Like Sirius says, he'll be in the shack transformed and they're going to do what they're going to do. Which is go help their friend *insert wub face*... these boys all just make my heart so warm and fuzzy, hehe.

I'm so happy you liked Dumbledore in this chapter! His sections alone usually take me longer than an entire chapter combined :P. The fact that he comes off very Dumbledorey makes me so happy!

I'm so happy you liked how James asked Lily if he could accompany her to the wedding. I do want to make sure not to let him come off as too confident where Lily is concerned, so I'm glad that he doesn't in this!

They kissed they kissed!! I really wanted to avoid the... I don't know... overly romantic first kiss I suppose. I wanted it to be scary, but still show how much he was drawn to her. And really, this wasn't the original plan for it to be now, but then I started and it just felt right and ahh I just want to hug you for saying that you enjoyed it ♥

Hahah long reviews are my favorite, no complains over here ;).

I can't even thank you enough for continuing to leave me your amazing thoughts and opinions. I get so excited when I see that I have a new review from you ♥

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