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Review:patronus_charm says:
Look at this, two reviews in one day! Catching up, is now in sight!

It was rather nice to have a school related chapter, due to the drama and excitement of the previous one. I think if there was another chapter completely focused on big reveal scenes, I wouldnít be able to cope with it all! I could tell that Lily was still affected by the revelation, with her not paying attention in class, then getting angry at the boys for misbehaving. Itís the only natural thing really, I mean, I would probably react the same, if my best friend told me something like that.

I really liked the sound of the water egg, it sounded really cool, and it perfectly fitted in with the Harry Potter world. It was nice to see Lily working and her thoughts while she did so. She appeared to be rather analytical, and that just showed how intelligent she was. A lot of people tend to miss that out when portraying her, but Iím so glad that you included it, as it just seems so much more realistic.

It was interesting to see her contemplate her future as well. I hope she becomes a healer, as that job just seems to suite her so well, and her intelligence. It was nice to reflect on her friendship with Snape. I know that you donít like him, so thank you for including that;D It was really well done, and you could sense Lilyís confusion over how she viewed him.

I think my heart was swelling with pride alongside Lilyís. It was just adorable to see Belle and Sirius working together, and you really have made her such a strong character. Watching her now that I know her secret, you still canít tell that she went through that ordeal, and she seems to have recovered from it so well. It was probably due to all of the great friends she had made at Hogwarts.

I found it interesting that James and Sirius had never attended a Slug Club party, and Jamesí reluctance to do so. I suspect that it has something to do with a certain someoneís Ďfurry little problemí ;) It still seems a bit odd though, as surely not all of the partyís would coincide with the full moon, and they couldnít always do animagi. The plot is thickening! Or itís just me reading way too much into this!

Oops thatís the thing with rolling reviews, you found out that youíre right as soon as you begin reading again! Ah well, I was right so yay for that! Níaw Remus and Sirius are such good friends though. The way they want James to finally win his conquest. Remus just seems to selfless in this story, and itís just really touching to see that, and know that everyone thought he was the traitor, I mean how could they think that? Just look at him!

I really liked the banter between all of the guys as they discussed their plans for the evening, it was just so funny to watch, and even though they were disguising a serious situation, you could tell they were still having great fun in doing so.

Ooh then the dramatic ending! All of the drama of Lily inviting Alrek, if only she knew his true identity! Then James getting called away by McGonagall, then the owl appearing, and with a letter from Petunia of all people!

Another amazing chapter Jami, and I hope to be back soon!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Hi darling!

I really enjoyed writing this school day sort of chapter. I think those were some of my favorite to read in the books, so I love getting to try and make up things and put my own twist on them.

I especially love getting to show Lily in just a normal 'student' sort of light. She's not doing anything crazy, she's just going to class. But like you said, she's very analytical and so intelligent. I hate when stories don't give her credit for that, so I really wanted to be sure and show it in this one.

I'm so happy you liked seeing Belle and Sirius work together! I thought it was pretty cute too, haha. I was so glad to get her secret out there so now readers can see her like I do in my head! Just as you said, she's very strong.

Yes, all this party it did land on the full moon, but for the ones before, they just don't like them. They're little brats, as you know :P. I totally agree about not knowing how anyone could think he was a traitor. He's Remus! But I also don't know how anyone ever thought it was my precious Sirius ;(.

Writing the friendship between the boys is so much fun for me, as you now know thanks to my rambling blog :P. But I can't tell you how happy it makes me when other people enjoy it!

Thank you so much for this lovely review ♥

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