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Review:Siriusly89 says:
I'm beginning to get worried that I'm entirely too addicted to this for my own good.


Oh Edie, she starts off so well, so professional and detective-y, but then it all sort of falls asunder.

I like how Oliver really is just a normal person, nothing particularly interesting or special (and sadly Ada isn't a secret lover. . . . .drat!)
The scar was an interesting touch, and his line 'Ever heard of Harry Potter?' was really funny!

But don't think I'm changing my opinion of Oliver one bit! I still detest him! It was all going good, and I was sitting here thinking 'Awh! I had Oliver all wrong, he's actually a nice enough chap' when he came out with this statement:
'Oliver is obliviously prattling on about the Quidditch cup being rigged, because how else could Ireland win?'

HOW DARE HE! I am Irish, and I will have him know, that Ireland CAN win the Quidditch World Cup thank you very much! Set Seamus after him, he'll sort him out, sharpish!

Your hipster-poking was very funny! As you may have guessed, I quite enjoy seedy, higgledy-piggledy establishments, so this was like my little piece of heaven!

Edie borrowing everyone else's clothes was also a nice touch, she's a girl after my own heart!

Seamus at the end. . . . .ah my Seamy! Edie knocking over your bottle tower didn't make you even blink, but she sits down on her mattress and
Gotta love him, you just do!

Another wonderful chappie, can't wait to see where the whole photograph thing goes! And I swear, if Edie loses yet another job because of Oliver-I-don't-think-Ireland-can-win-the-Quidditch-World-Cup-which-is-pure-rubbish-Wood, I will personally deck him! Or get Seamus to, after all, he is an Auror :)

Author's Response: YEAH NO BIG DEAL RIGHT?

Hello again :3

THIS CHAPTER WAS SO HARD. So hard. I had to show Edie forgetting to do the interview, but it had to be subtle. It's told from her POV in the present-progressive tense, so she couldn't just be sitting there and at the same time realizing that she's not really interviewing him and then just not do it. Gerh. I'm still not sure how I feel about this chapter.

No, Ada is not a secret lover. But she will definitely be making another appearance. ;D

And I hope I explained it clearly in the chapter, but just in case: Oliver's a loner. I always imagined him at Hogwarts, poring over his Quidditch notes and practising, and having very little social life outside that. Which is how he got to be so good. I don't imagine that he genuinely likes to go out so much. But then his team mates egg him on--just like Edie's little brothers did--and he feels like he has to prove himself. So he does stupid things like what he did at Edie's pub, and Magic Touch. Or maybe you totally figured that all out for yourself ;D

Hahahaha. I'm sorry to offend your sensibilities. I for one think that Ireland and Kenmare are great teams. :P I also see Oliver as a quiet person, but when he has an opinion that he views as ABSOLUTE FACT he just can't keep quiet. But Edie stuck up for you!

Yes! I just had to throw some more Seamus in there. The whole night was a bit too serious for my liking, so I had to have him in at the end. Even though it made the chapter stupidly long, and I might break it up into two one day.

Oh don't worry--the photograph will definitely come into play. And sooner than you'd think!


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