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Review:patronus_charm says:
Yes I was right! I loved having my assumptions proved correct, it’s such a satisfying feeling :D So Alrek is evil, and we get to see Regulus again, wow this chapter is already off to a very promising start! I liked learning more about why Alrek was there as it helped me understand him more, and just made him appear more part of the story. It was also nice to see that Regulus was rather intelligent, as he always seemed to be portrayed as rather dumb in fan fiction, and I never really got why.

I also liked how you tied in the fact about how important the Potters were Voldemort and his cause. I think a lot of people forget that Voldemort actually tried to recruit them as members, so it was nice to see hints at it here. I can’t wait to see how they attempt to recruit James and Lily, I have a feeling it’s going to be dramatic.

I liked how Lily revealed her feelings about James to the others, as they just seemed to be so true, and fit her situation so well. I can see that we’re inching closer and closer to them becoming a couple, and I can’t wait for it to happen. I have to say that I like that you didn’t throw them together straight away, but put a backstory behind it, and showed the transition from love to hate really well. It just makes their love story so much more believable.

Then there was Belle’s big reveal scene! The way the exiled her perfectly tied in with the image I had been building about her parents in my head. I imagined them to be almost aristocratic, so the fact that they shunned her for doing something wrong, was very fitting. I liked the build up to her relationship with Christophe, it was just so adorable, how they walked in the gardens, and they got the parents approval, and that they wanted to ‘live in sin’. It was nice to see how their young love had been rather rebellious.

It was interesting how Belle viewed sleeping with Christophe. We already gathered that there were feelings of discontent between them, due to her saying that she was infatuated with him. That implies to me, that it was not love, but more of a physical attraction, and it showed that she didn’t look back on her previous relationship that blissfully.

I thought it was great twist with Belle getting pregnant. Normally I hate story lines like that as they’re not realistic, but I felt this one was really well done, and you sensed their emotions really well, and you can just imagine what a horrible predicament they were in. I loved Christophe’s reaction, though it must have been horrible for Belle, it made it more realistic to see he wasn’t jumping for joy at the news.

Her parents sound horrible, not listening to Belle’s wishes, and trying to force her into a decision she didn’t even want. It fitted perfectly with the view I had of their family though. I felt proud of Belle escaping to be with her sister though. I thought it was fitting that she miscarried the baby, as it seemed to reflect the character Belle currently was, and any other possibility wouldn’t have worked so well.

I was tears like Lily at the end of her story. My admiration for Belle has gone through the roof. I just felt so proud of her, and all the things she had to battle through. She’s such a survivor the way she asked Dumbledore to let her in, and it was just like him to let her in anyway. She’s had such a troubled life, and I loved learning more about her, as it just connects you with her so much more and I just feel so sorry for her, as it must have been horrific to go through of all of that.

I think this was one of the best chapters so far, as it just had so much raw emotion, and all the big reveal scenes were excellent. You’re awesome Jami!

-Kiana :D

Author's Response: Yes you were right!!! Alrek is NOT a nice boy. Sadly, he stick around for a while yet. I agree with you; it doesn't make sense when Regulus is portrayed as dumb. The man got a a piece of Voldemort's soul right out from under his nose. That would take some serious intelligence!

I'm so happy you like the reasoning for why Voldemort would be interested in recruiting James and Lily. Like you said, we know that one of their defies involves him trying to get them on their sides and that it happens while they're still in Hogwarts. Do I think that Voldemort would have gone crazy to recruit them the same way he tried to kill Harry? No, but I definitely think he'd have put some serious effort into trying to get James, who most of Hogwarts idolizes, no his side.

I'm so happy you feel like Belle's story was well done! I can't stand the 'I get pregnant and everything works out beautifully,' teenage story line. Everyone that I know it's happened to, things don't end up happy and okay. They end up in a mess of custody battles and divorces. I did really want to show that not everything is okay for every teenager who gets pregnant. Belle went through a lot, but it ended her up in a very good place at least!

Awww it means so much to me that you felt admiration for Belle by the end of this! Since she is my OC I'm obviously attached to her, so it means so much to me that you like her ♥

Thank you so much for this amazing review! And you're on Easter Holiday next week, right?! Or is it the week after??

♥ Jami

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