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Review:FredWeasleyIsMyKing says:

I'm finally here - so sorry for the amount of time this has taken.

Oh my goodness! I was so excited when I started reading this as you dedicated it to me. Thank you so much ♥ I'm so happy I could help you!

Haha, Vic as bridezilla was rather funny. The tension was clearly running high and you left it open to have a lot of fun with this chapter!

The dresses, especially Vics sound beautiful! You did a good job describing them. I also love the idea of the guys wearing suits and blue converse haha! very swish. How good is it that all the cousins pair up pretty much? I'd never noticed before!

The wedding was really sweet, although it was amusing when Rose drifted off to her own thoughts. Weddings always make me do the same! It was really good that Neville and Luna got a mention with their respective partners. Also, Neville's kids - lovely names!

Phoebe's comment made me laugh - both about dating the girls and to Freddie. Bless him haha! Any chance the two of them are going to get together? I don't know, they just seemed so cute.

I thought it was sweet that Harry was Ted's best man. Both his and Bills speeches were really sweet.

Finally we have a bit of good conversation between the two of them! You've not half made me wait for this haha! Although the temptation to kiss was obviously too strong - at least they're making progress!

I love that you used Take That as the song for the first dance - I love that song. I did have a little panic when Phoebe was dancing with Scorp as I want her to get with Fred but he came and got her away! Yay! Maybe I'm not wrong there?

Ooh - you surprised me with the fact Vics pregnant. I actually wasn't expecting that at all. It's sweet though - I hope you won't be a meanie to your characters and you'll let them be happy!

I loved the whole set up with Malfoy in the kitchen - now Rose has moved on he's finally interested - typical. I would have loved to have seen a bit more come out of that though. I think Malfoy could have made it a lot more obvious that he wanted her there before Connor walked in. You could have either had Rose confused between the two boys or had her finally have the chance to say no to him? Given her a sense of satisfaction? Just a few ideas anyway.

The only thing that felt off for me in this chapter was Rose's response when Connor asked her on a date. I expected more excitement and joy from her - especially in her thoughts if she didn't want to seem to eager in front of him. Just my thoughts anyway!

Couple of typos for you:

'Ow do you want Zeir Air?' Zeir and Air don't need capitals but you could use ' to show your missing off the h.

'deffineitly cutest guy in the room' I think you mean definitely?

Great chapter as always - I look forward to reading more!

Lauren :)

Author's Response: Heya :)

Don't worry it's fine.

It's my pleasure, thank you for all the advice!!! ♥ ♥

I think at some point all brides have a bit of bridezilla in them, and I have to say Vic was one of the worsts.

There's a few images of Vic's dress on my blog as well as her hairstyle, I think because of the lace and with Fleur being French it was perfect! I wanted a way to incourprate the blue theme into what the guys were wearing and not just it be the colour of their ties. I think because the next gen kids would be more modern, the converse seems so pefect, especially since Vic, Fleur and Molly would disaprove :)

Yep, there are twelve Weasley grandchildren so it worked out pretty well.

Same hear, all the legal bits make me sleepy. I sort of blank out between 'we're gathered here today' until the vows just like Rose.

Neville and Luna, I think they'd have become a part of the Weasley family as well after the war.

Ahh Phoebe, what's not to love. Who knows, there may be a possibility. ;)

What's a wedding without someone mentioning something embaressing in a speech. I love it when that happens. I think what with being his godfather, Harry felt he had to mention Remus and Tonks because they did die for Teddy to grow up in a better world.

Yes there has been progress between Ronnor!!! Although it was rudely interupted by the bride and groom wanting to do their first dance.

I love that song and it kinda has a meaning to me as it was the same song my brother and sister-in-law used for their first dance, so it brings back memories of a really great day for me :)

Maybe you're right, maybe Phoebe and Freddie will have a little rendeuz-vu... ;D

Dom was right when they announced their enagement that she though Vic was pregnant, one of the reasons Teddy popped the question.

I'm not going to be a meanie and I can assure you there will be one or more happy endings, but I'm not saying who.

Typical I know, I have changed the end of this chapter slightly but haven't had the chance to edit. I will take in account of what you've said, maybe I will let Rosie have her chance to tell him no.

In the edit Rosie is very bouncy, not too mention she tells Dom about it in the edited version which I haven't changed yet. I'll make sure to add some extra excitement in her!

Thanks for pointing them out, I'll be sure to fix them.

Thanks again!! and hopefully chapter 9 will be up soon once I've finished the ending.
Soph xx

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