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Review:water_lily43175 says:
HAHA yeah, no chance of me not reading this one. Here goes, for the last time...

I have SO much feels on the whole Jacob thing. Because it genuinely didn't cross my mind before Tom brought it up - that Jacob did nothing. NOTHING. And I guess that part of the reason why I never considered that, is that Tanith never considered it. And the narrative leads us along. But because I, along with Tanith, didn't think about what Jacob was doing during the war, and instead sat back and took him for granted until you killed him and then realised how much I adored him - and when he was around, he was just "there", Tanith's partner, not out of the picture but not in it enough for me to notice what he was or wasn't doing - his complete lack of action has me torn in about three different directions in the same way that it has Tanith, because I still don't know what to make of him any more! But this is a good thing, especially for a plot which aims to blur the line between bad and good. And so I think that all there is to say about Tanith's "chat" with him ... is that I understand and agree with it all. A touching little passage, especially the moment when she finally allows herself to cry about it all.

SO MUCH LOVE for the Tanith/Katie conversation. I knew they'd end up partners, because you told me that they would, but it's nice to see it happen. "Imagine me naked." DEAD.

Said it before, but I'll say it again ... I like the whole kill-count with the Lions. Not the list itself, per se, but the theory behind it. Crude, but hey, they were in a war. I guess part of the reason why I like it is because I like the contrast between what you did in Shadow and what I did in Frozen. Back then, they wanted answers and leverage so aimed not to kill. This time round, they just wanted the bad guys out of the way. Both methods have their pros and cons, and throw up the most WONDERFUL moral debate which I absolutely love.

And Tom's corruption proved convincing throughout. Okay, I only guessed at him because of a remark which wasn't meant to be a clue, but had I not, his reveal would have been surprising but not altogether unexpected. The war left its mark on everyone, and his own struggles were hinted at numerous times. It was just that none of the others thought he had the capacity to be the vigilante, or realised just how serious things had gotten. But it really is realistic, and I don't think you should have any worries on the identity of the killer because I think the plot you have here produced a fantastic fic.

Shacklebolt's cat. You're projecting again...

War memorial. Cute touch. I like it. And I like that Toby still thinks of Annie; that he's not forgotten her. Because that would be unrealistic. They were what they were, and she may not have been Tanith, but that doesn't make her any less important or significant in her own right. :)

Haha, Toby's plans to surprise Tanith are thwarted by her own plans to surprise him! Marvellous. It's his birthday! That explains why Kingsley was SO adamant to make him leave.

Ahem. I would like to profusely object to Cal a) assuming that the Falcons will be smashed and b) getting immense joy from it. This is not on.

Such a cute ending. All of them together, with no fear for their lives, and indeed with their whole lives ahead of them. I love this very much. And now I've gotten to the end, I'm sad to the point of a little bit teary! Which is crazy, because it's just a fanfic! But it's not, it's far more than that. And I find it hard to believe that I only started reading Anguisverse less than a year ago! But it had me hooked from the start, to the point where I found myself reading all of Shadow as was posted at the time on the eve of a law exam, instead of revising. Good thing I passed, eh? But this whole series truly is one of, if not THE, best works of fanfic that I've come across. The characterisation has been superb throughout - each character is so distinct, and so well developed, and I love them all. And just the entire focus on the war, and the questions of morality, and all the politicsy stuff, I have enjoyed every moment of. I love the HUMOUR. Two of my all-time favourite moments of Anguis have to be the Cal!duck scene and the Yule Ball scene with drunk Cal and Gabe. Love them. But I think my ultimate favourite moments are those beautiful moments of dialogue which make the characters all seem so REAL and make me squee like a fangirl. "I know you're Tanith" (Even though Toby then failed to recognise when she WASN'T Tanith). "Fiendfyre". "There's one thing I can't do". I REMEMBER THEM. And I've found myself so engrossed in it all that it's began to become my head canon! Like the time when I saw the suggestion that nobody did History of Magic as a N.E.W.T subject and I thought "But Toby did!". I think that's down to how convincing and realistic and believable it is, right down to those nitty gritty bits of detail. And I can't say enough how much I love that kind of thing. If you do decide to write Into the Sunrise, or any other side-project, then I'm 100% here for that. If not ... well, I'm more than happy with where things have been wrapped up here. Nothing more is NEEDED, it's just I can't bear the thought of having to say goodbye to these guys. BUT IT'S OKAY because they live on in Ignite, with Nat and Matthias. Yay, another series to get completely wrapped up in! Still as keen on Original Novel as ever, too. :) Basically, GOOD SERIES BRO.

Author's Response: Oh my GOD I didn't reply to your review of the LAST OF ANGUIS? I'm a terrible ficcer.

Poor Jacob did have a tough time. Some of this is down to his own... apathy, in a way, but also a lack of opportunity. He probably would have done more if Tanith had involved him in her thinking, for example, though she knew that this would implicate him and she also knew she didn't strictly NEED him to incriminate himself on her behalf. That said, Jacob did mostly sit around trying to not be Too Bad. And it worked, and he didn't compromise, and in some ways he got lucky. But he was still a good man doing nothing. Thankfully Tanith does remember the former. And thankfully, now? She's able to cry again. Though I think she's cried more in this one fic than in the whole rest of Anguisverse put together.

Katie always stole the show in this story.

I sometimes find myself regretting how much I glossed over the Lions' stuff. I really only told Gabe's story with the Lions and even then only some of it (like, how DID he earn Jen's trust in the first place? How did everything go down before we saw him at the ambush at Azkaban?) when those guys could have had a whole series to themselves.

I do still sort of regret that I had Tom kill Jacob. In some ways it makes Jacob ambiguous, but it definitely shoves Tom into the level of "villain". It worked to tie the plot together and to engage Tanith on a personal level, but at the same time it made it hard for people to go "he's got a point". They could always add "but he's nuts". If he'd just been a guy killing people who'd legitimately escaped justice, that would be something else. But, it's done, and I'm overall happy with it! I just think I compromised some of my moral ambiguity for the sake of drama.

I liked the war memorial idea myself (obvs). But I did need something to go back to the beginning with this chapter. And, really, EVERYTHING which made the gang started with Annie's death. The rest was just build-up.

Cal is a Puddlemere dude. Not even sorry.

I've been rereading all of Anguis lately in quiet spots at work to try to keep my brain churning over fanfic as I try to finish Ignite. It's an odd feeling. There's so much there, so many stories told, and I am overall immensely proud of it as a tale, as an achievement. I have mixed feelings about Into the Sunrise. Only snapshots make it into my mind, moments, rather than full short-stories. I'd stand a better chance of writing another BTP-esque Big Tale, just for how my mind works, partly because the guys would need Plot to drive them (but I imagine I won't).

I guess it's cos they're done. They really have earned their peace after their adventures and now they have their whole lives ahead of them. And for the most part BTP wraps up the dramatic questions for everyone's emotional journey. The only real exception is Cal and Nat and that will be touched on in Ignite.

So even if I never write another word about these guys again, I am immensely proud to have written the ones I have. And very glad you joined in on this journey in this final furlong, our many discussions and your feedback helped cement and drive a lot of what happened. Gabe's story in BTP, for instance, would have probably been left entirely by the sidelines if you hadn't drawn attention to loose threads from Latet. And that would have been horrifying. Yikes. I keep remembering now BTP was originaly mostly a Tanith story about the serial killer and her relationship with Toby, JEN playing a bigger role as a prosecutor than Cal or Gabe on the sidelines. I'd in fact written up to the Manchester attack before I conceived of the Gabe plot and went back to write in the previous Gabe/Jen scenes. Madness. But I digress.

It's over and it's been an awesome run and I will miss these guys. But they deserve their peace. Thanks for ALL the reviews.

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