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Review:patronus_charm says:
Haha yeah itís the Easter Holidays in two weeks, I hope Iíve caught up with BTF by then, but if not, I have tons of time then!

I havenít mentioned it before, so Iíll say it now! I know that youíre not British, but I think youíve done a great job making this story sound British, itís just the little things like Lily dumping sugar into her tea, even though I hate sugar in my tea, I can just imagine the rest of Britain doing it right now! It just makes the story seem so much more authentic and realistic!

Haha James sent a howler to them! I thought that was great, and it reminded me of Oliver Wood, as it sounded like something he would do! I thought something worse had happened when they all came storming in, but I guess I can see there point, being woken as early as seven at the weekend, is horrible, and I tend to only see the PM hours then ;)

I think itís really nice to see how close Lily, Alice and Belle are. With the guys, itís an easier job, as you already have their friendship, and the dynamic of it established, but I find itís always harder with Lily and her friends, as you have to include new characters, but they seem as close as the Marauders are, I think it was that bit about how they didnít want her to be on her own which really stuck out for me, as it showed how much they knew and cared for Lily.

Line of the story so far! ďI zink I need to grab a tampon.Ē! When I saw this, I just couldnít stop laughing, first of all it was funny to see poor old Sirius so awkward afterwards, and how he was stuttering, and didnít really know what to do. And then it fitted perfectly with Belleís whole character, and of course the other girlís reaction to it was great! I donít think Iíll ever forget that line! Then the fact that Madam Pomfrey did the talk with them! I remember having that in the muggle equivalent and that was awkward!

I WAS RIGHT! Well sort of, but hey there was development on the Sirius/Belle front. I thought it was sweet that Sirius opened up to her, because in my head canon, I can imagine him being secretive about his home life and the Potters, and the only person he would talk to it about would be James, and for him to open up to Belle, aw thatís adorable! Then for her to nearly kiss him! I didnít expect that!

Then there was another example of what great friends Lily and Alice are by the way they helped Belle to try and understand her feelings for him. It was nice to see her open up a bit more, as from what she revealed you could tell that she doesnít have the easiest life back in France. It sort of reminded me of Siriusí, with the thing about how your parents would chose who you would marry, so I guess theyíre kindred spirits.

I thought Lilyís thoughts about Alrek were interesting. First of all, it meant that she admitted that she had some feelings for James, and that of course if adorable in itís own right. And secondly, she seemed to allude that she felt something was wrong with him. The way she seemed mystified that the Ravenclaws liked him, almost seemed to suggest that she couldnít understand why anyone would like him. Now I have tons of theories about him being a death eater in training bouncing around in my head, but this is probably me being biased because heís from Durmstrang.

Yay for Peter! I donít like him, but itís nice to see your portrayal of him, and how heís actually intelligent here, and how people go to him for help, it makes such a refreshing change from the usual version we see of him. And well done for not giving into the temptation of making him weak, as I succumb to it a lot!

So Eleanor sort of backs up my theory then? I doubt that he just wants to be friends with them, as going around and asking questions about them is a little weird to me, but this is just me wanting my theories to be correct. Then Iíll probably get to the next chapter, and find out theyíre all wrong, and heís the nicest guy ever!

Wow that trip to Hogsmeade was certainly dramatic then! First of all, there was Lily having the little mess up by saying her mum was alive, and then realising that she was dead, and my heart really went out to her at that part, then James squeezing her knee! Then the fight between Abigail and Alana. Then James getting Lily a kitten, and them hugging, so much drama! I was just wondering whether this is the cat Lily mentions to Sirius in that letter Harry finds?

Another excellent chapter Jami, and I canít wait to read the next :D


Author's Response: Kiana I want an Easter Holiday!! Hehe!

It makes me so happy that you think I do a decent job at giving this a British feel! I know I still use some words that aren't popular over there, like I've caught myself using parking lot instead of car park and things like that, but I do really try and do what I can.

I definitely work more at getting my girls to seems as close as possible as opposed to the boys. Like you said, their friendship is already created so i just have to maintain it. But showing everyone what kind of friendship the girls have is more difficult. I just want to hug you for thinking that they all feel close ♥

You were right you were! And yes, I absolutely draw more parallels between Sirius and Belle and their lives in future chapters. Next chapter you'll find out so much more about Belle! Ekk!

Peter and I really did have to bond in this. You'll see eventually what I've kind of changed his future to. Obviously we know what he does, but I finally found a reason and a mindset that I can accept and hate him a little bit less for it. I don't want to give too much away, but i hope by the end of these books you'll feel a bit closer to him as well ♥

Hahahah you may find out something about Alrek next chapter, but I don't think it's going to be that he's the nicest guy ever ;).

Yes!!! This is the cat that Lily writes about in her Letter to Sirius! You're the first one to ask that, yay!!

Thank you so much for your amazing review, m'dear! They always put such a huge smile on my face. I hope you like the next chapter. And it's Friday! Yay!

Jami ♥

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