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Review:JordanQ says:
Who Slytherin, he is in Slytherin

I can't tell you how happy i am that Al is in Slytherin.

I loved this chapter.

Firstly is this werewolf problem is related to Malfoy thing right? i think so.
Moreover it's good that he can transform even when he is 12, it's brilliant. I liked the conversation between Neville and Sirius, the inspiration he got from Remus was good idea. I would love to see how this friendship of both of them goes.

Amy, she is kind of cool, i mean she completely flipped James off. Sirius helping was sweet and i liked the way he compared their fight with James And Lily Potter I. She is like Hermoine i mean studious not that know it all.

There was Teddy scene and it was good. James trying to tease Teddy and act innocent. Hmmm

And there was i told you so

I liked that Sirius wants to help James and Al and liked your comparison with him and Regulus.

James can be such an idiot sometimes. but at least we came to know who was the girl who befriended the great Dom Weasley.

Fred scene was awesome. It was hilarious and I liked that

I liked that James actually acknowledged that Al has Slytherin traits but I think it is going to take some time for him to swallow the news.

Wow atleast now i know that Al and Scorpius are going to be best friends.
In the end i am very happy that he is in Slytherin.

Update soon :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad that you are happy about that. :D
I remember you were one of the ones to guess that, so I'm glad you are happy.
So I'm really happy you liked this chapter too. I almost changed it, because I thought it would another slap in the face after the last chapter. However, that's one of the reasons I didn't have the House in the last one, but did in this one. It was sneaky of me...but I felt bad regardless.

In regards to the werewolf situation in the beginning, you are sort of right, but more on that later. I don't know if it was expressed correctly, but Neville had Sirius checking them and not really doing much, it's not fully expressed, yet why, but will be. :)

As for the transformation and even apparation for that matter, Sirius' magical abilities were not affected when he came through the Veil. Neville and Sirius even talked a little on theories in this chapter - but that again was also vague. That part was to develop those plots a bit more, but not enough to resolve anything fully, yet. :)

And I'm really happy that so far everyone seems to like Neville. He's fun to write with Sirius and I have a more mature person for Sirius to relate to. :)

Amy was interesting for me to write. I think she'll be fun to develop, but I'm not completely sure what to do with her yet. I have ideas, but yes, she is sort of a mix of Hermione and Lily. Sirius - not knowing Hermione as well as Lily just thinks of Lily and James going head to head. :)

Haha, the I told you so was important. I don't know if anyone remembers from Chapter 1, but Sirius and James made a bet and Sirius just won.

I thought with Sirius comparing James and Al to him and Reg, that the house would become more apparent. After all, Sirius kind of realized what was going to happen before James did. He just sort of hoped otherwise to avoid James ...well being James. :)

In this chapter, I was kind of trying to show that James is still a kid. A twelve year old boy who isn't really use to people confronting him. Amy was perfect, because she didn't know about the Potter's being Muggle-Born or at least raised by Muggles. Thus one of the reasons Amy and Dom became friends to quick. Dom likes honest people and Amy is honest. Plus Dom respects those who will stand up for others. :)

As for Fred I enjoyed writing that scene way too much. Haha

I like your theories on James and how he might take the news. I don't think it'll hurt anything in telling you, you are right. It will take some time. :)

Yes, I always intended for Scorpius and Albus to be together. I compare the start of their friendship to the first James and Sirius. Sirius was in a different house than his family and so was Al, putting Sirius in both Al and James's shoes at one time.

I'm happy they are in Slytherin too. I think it will be good overall for the house. Hopefully, James will see that too.

I'll update as soon as I can! :D
The next chapter is being worked on right now and I'm sort of debating on some scenes...but it'll be up soon. :)

Thank you for the review and I hope to see your review again in the next chapter. :)


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