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Review:Toujours Padfoot says:

I adore that Sirius wrote Regulus letters. They don't seem to be long-winded, gushing, bear-your-soul letters, but more like day to day conversation - which is actually even more sad. It's like he was so lonely that the normal, ordinary stuff he would vent to someone else, he shared with Regulus instead because he didn't have anyone else to share it with.

Oh my goodness, Molly. So nosy! Ugh, she is so perfectly canon here and it dredges up all of my conflicting feelings towards her while reading the HP series. She's such a hypocrite. She wants everyone to behave and be good and listen and do what they're told, but first chance she gets she is always poking her nose around. Like in DH when she kept separating Harry, Ron, and Hermione and barking at them to do different chores. Ugh. I love Molly, seriously I do, but I was not at all sorry to see Sirius snap at her every now and then.

And here they are again! Oh my goodness, when he caught her red-handed like that - I actually felt a little bit terrified. Sirius is kind of scary when he's angry, and Molly was reading very personal letters that obviously were not intended for her eyes. I'm glad that later on at dinner when he looks at her, she drops her gaze. For the time being, she's a little bit in his debt. Everything was perfectly canon: Kreacher's language and mannerisms, Molly's vindictive little hint that she would clean out his boiler cupboard now, Fred and George insisting that their best pranks were yet to come, and Sirius quietly moving about his own house like a living shadow. It was like a missing moment directly from OotP, and could fit right in.

And of course it just wouldn't be a TenthWeasley one-shot without you making me incredibly jealous:

There was a soft shuffling sound, like leaves on cement

...the left-hand door, causing it to crawl up the backs of his legs like pale yellow paint

She spun round on her knees hard, rough wood digging into the fleshy skin of her legs, and stumbled to her feet.

Molly felt her breath in her chest like a physical mass

Beautiful descriptions!

You're the only person who could get away with emotionally torturing Sirius and still have me coming back every single time for more. ♥

Author's Response: In a weird sort of way (bear with me), Sirius's letters to Regulus are what I see as his version of a diary -- he writes to Regulus in part because he misses him, but also to make sense of that grief. I think there would have been times when he didn't write him any, nearly forgot about him entirely, and then wrote several in the stretch of a few days. Which is basically how all my diaries went, by the by, until I inevitably lost interest in them. :D

I so agree with you about Molly! She's one of those characters who tends to get nearly idolized in the books, and there are bad facets to basically all of them, which is why I have to praise JKR again and again for the complexity of her characters. Mrs. Weasley was most definitely nosy, and hypocritical, but that made her much more human in the end.

Sirius is SCARY when he's angry! You can hear Molly remembering all his time in Azkaban, and you know, even though he was in there wrongfully, he probably knows a thing or two more about violence coming out of it. Eeek!

Trufax: I will literally stop and think about descriptions you've written before I write my own. Yours are extremely enviable and have imprinted themselves on my mind, and that is why I laugh when you point out mine. ♥ Vicious cycle! The pale yellow paint one, especially, was something I gleaned from how you describe your worlds in your AU stories. You have yourself to thank for them!

I will always be around to torture Sirius for you. ♥

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