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Review:Slide says:
At least James is philosophical about the ire he's won from the Prophet. But it's only the Prophet. They're plonkers anyway. And at least he knows it, knowing they'll blame him for losing Ginny. Don't lose sleep over it, James! Heh, that's so typical him, to cancel his subscription by default rather than by intention.

But, bless him, again he's the voice of reason in the Freddie-Brigid situation. Poor guy, he's not in an easy spot, even if they're worse off. And Brigid is smart enough to see both sides even if she's also proud and occasionally insecure to blind herself to it.

Ha, typical man, Freddie, to tell her his issues and then seem to do nothing about it. Good on Brigid to not lap it up; he has problems and problems need WORK. She does also have a point about James - it isn't his place, so much, but he is a friend and so there are things he could have done. Being hands-off is sometimes about respecting people's business - but sometimes it's a handy excuse. Poor Brigid, anyway. Freddie has my sympathy but it's her I really feel for in this, mostly because she has no control over the situation and she's doing about the best she can, but she's STILL unhappy.

Yay Al is here. And it's time for Potter-brothers-insecurities, and of course Al is more sensible than James about this. But Al would have to be mental to be less sensible than James about this! It's also nice to remind us that Al and Lily have a very close and healthy relationship - because there's so much closeness with James and Lily and so much distance with James and Albus, it's easy to assume that Albus and Lily are also distant, because we don't see it. But they are still brothers, and brothers give each other advice! Sensible Al.

It's always cute to see the little domestic hints of Harry and Ginny's life together. Even if it'll always be skewed when seen through their son's perspective. I couldn't see Harry taking the teaching job either - he'd love it and he'd be good at it, but this is the man who became an Auror even after defeating Voldemort. He clearly doesn't have much of a 'retire on a farm' streak in him like most heroes. Interesting, he had the file all along. And, of course, there's a page missing (listing some HORRIBLE ILLNESS I'm sure). He's right to keep it hidden, I think, but also right to light a fire under James to make him talk with her. It's not an easy situation to be in but he's done well.

Nice chapter with Potter men fun! The fic's focused so much on James-Lily and James-Ginny so it's good to see some more of Al and Harry.

Author's Response: James has re-evaluated many, many things. Like how little he actually cares about what people think of him. He always disliked most of the Prophet's reporters though, so it's not too much of an evaluation. ;) Nevertheless, he won't be losing sleep over his public opinion ratings!

Brigid is smart. And knows what's good for her. But she also knows what she WANTS, and that's where her problem is - she wants someone who is making himself unattainable. James WAS an idiot by not getting involved sooner - because the hands-off approach only works for so long in this kind of situation. He's only a couple of years late. In some sense, Brigid has no control - but because Freddie is point-blank refusing to do anything, that almost puts the ball back in her court because if anything is going to happen here it has to be on her terms. It's not an ideal situation really. Good to see that all parties are understandable here. :)

This was possibly one of my favourite chapters to write so far, because of the Potter men! Much conversation has obviously been had about the joys of writing a post-Voldemort, carefree Harry, but I haven't had that opportunity yet because in James' eyes he wasn't that person. Sigh. But he is now! Albus, too, gets his moment with his bro. He is most definitely the more grounded, sensible brother, although I'm sure James would enjoy the task of loosening him up a little bit. Yep, he gets on very well with Lily - neither of them are nearly as messed up as James, so there's really nothing to get in the way of a healthy sibling relationship! And Harry. Definitely won't take the teaching job. Not until he's got a beard to rival Dumbledore's at any rate. He had the file - how else was he going to get in the way of the Obliviators? I love your determination that there's a horrible illness on the missing page. EVEN IF you've already read the next chapter by now. Thanks for reviewing!

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