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Review:Jchrissy says:
I already love how youíve started this. The first sentence about summer stretching itself over the very boundaries of summer was so creative. It isnít too complex that it pull the reader out of the story, but itís such a new way to inform the reader of the month/weather and do it all on an insanely beautiful level. ugh. Iím green with envy.

Weíre barely stared and youíre already playing with my feels! I want to know why Scorpius is so protective over his book!

Oh, youíre going to tell me. Well then. I shall continue :P

So we have Strength, then Riches, and now Intelligence. Mentally noting that for this review.

Okay so much for my running review :P

SARAH THIS WAS SO PRETTY. I think the bedtime story was the perfect left of make believe. We all know that a lot of our favorite kids stories have darker twists. Look at the meaning being Ring around the rosy... so I think working such a dark context into the story was one million perfect perfect.

I loved the context of the bedtime story itself. The idea of her turning down all her suitors, none of witch truly loved her, and building her Golem with her own hands, the most important part being that he would truly love her.

I loved how each of the three suitors stood for something that the pureblood culture does value. But not one of them stood for love. The first was strength and willpower, vowing to do whatever it took to conquer Irenaís heart. But she canít be conquered, because she isnít something to own.

Then we have the second suitor and his riches. Another important value in the purebloods. He can buy anything he wants for the beautiful woman and promise to lay it all at her feat. But she cant be bought. Loving someone canít be done through gold and jewels.

Then our last, Intelligence. He is the most clever, and cares about her skill of magic. Not about the person she is behind the magic. And he canít win her year.

The three suitors were just so, so perfect and creative. Watching them be denied her hand request after request, until her loneliness was just too painful. I loved how she learned of the golem, and her frantic need to create her own. And ohh! The characteristics she gave him were so, so warm and sweet! To be kind to himself, to be kind and love her, and then her magic bring him to life. OHMYGOSH my heart might melt! It was just so beautiful and sweet.

I was so happy that you chose to expand on Roseís version and tell hers as well. When she was reading it, I could start to pick up on where the one her dad would tell her varied, then I got worried that you wouldnít tell her side too. And you did!

I really liked that you chose to have Scoprius not understand before Rose told him the message behind the story. It makes it clear that he doesnít feel that way. If heíd have just shrugged and said, ĎI know, but itís just a story,í I would have been said that he liked it so much already knowing what it was about.

Youíre such a sneaky girl twisting two love stories into one, you know.

This was so beautiful Sarah. I know you said to give any CC I can, but the only thing I can think of is the smallest thing ever. And thatís for the first suitor to say that he wants to know what it will take to conquer her heart instead of win it. Because it seems more strong/manly/huntery.

See. I told you I didnít have any actual CC. I really did try, though.

Thank you for telling me such a beautiful tale, mídear. One of your many.

♥ ♥ WUB YOU.

Author's Response: Wooo, time for a running response!

Yeah, I was pretty pleased with that line. It took a lot of fiddling to get it right! But it works, apparently, so yay.

"Oh, you√ʬĬôre going to tell me. Well then. I shall continue" - Hahahaha - what am I going to do with you?!

Yes! Pretty but also dark and twisty is exactly what I was going for. Yay again! I can't think of any traditional fairy tales that doesn't have a darker meaning. Sleeping Beauty is... horrendous.

Honestly, I wasn't sure about this story at all. I didn't know if readers would get the relationship I tried to build between Irena and Amshel, or why Irena did what she did, but from what you've said, I'm so glad you got all heart-melty!

Jami! I'm really falling for Scorpius/Rose. I really am. I loved writing their bits of this story! I'm glad you got that about Scorpius - I wanted it to be clear that he actually hasn't grown up knowing much about the problems muggleborns might face. Maybe he's a little sheltered, but he's not bigoted... and Rose is more than willing to educate him. She's like her mum :P

Thank you for the CC! Hahaha. I actually changed it to that when I originally got this review, as it's such a good idea. So thanks!

WUB YOU! Thanks for the review

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